Undertaker and Rollins are odds-on for main event wins tonight


The Undertaker is the favorite to take the main event at SummerSlam tonight according to betting odds with Taker at 4/7 and Lesnar at 5/4. In the other main event, Seth Rollins is the favorite at 4/11 to retain the WWE World Heavyweight title while Cena, who is one title away from Ric Flair’s legendary 16-time world title reign is at 2/1.

The Divas match, which has a tough act to follow after last night’s NXT Women’s title match, has PCB as the favorites with 4/7 while Team Bella is at 2/1 and Team B.A.D. at 5/1. The New Day are favorites to regain the WWE Tag Team titles with odds at 1/3. PTP are 4/1 to retain while Lucha Dragons and Los Matadors are way behind at 7/1 and 12/1 respectively.

In the other matches, the favorites for a victory are Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, Ryback, Stephen Amell and Neville, Rusev, and Sheamus.

There are other three bets – Sting, Kane, and The Rock making an appearance during the show – with Sting at 11/5, Kane at 4/6, and The Rock at 4/11.

Odds are most likely to change as the show gets closer to bell time after smart money starts comes in.