Triple H wins his 14th World Heavyweight title at the Royal Rumble


The online betting companies once again nailed it as Triple H – who was favorite all week to win the Royal Rumble – came out as number 30 and outlasted the remaining Superstars in the ring, including WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns.

As soon as “The Game” hit the speakers, it was inevitable what was going to happen and Triple H eliminated Reigns, followed by a couple of DX crotch chops, and then went head to head with Dean Ambrose who was the other final Superstar standing tall. The crowd was firmly behind Ambrose however Triple H got rid of the Intercontinental champion to secure his 14th World Heavyweight title reign.

This was the first time that Triple H laced up his wrestling boots since WrestleMania 31 last year where he defeated Sting. Throughout the rest of 2015, Triple H stayed in his business suit although he took a couple of bumps here and there. Triple H stayed away from WWE television – apart from a cameo at NXT London – since the TLC pay-per-view where he was attacked by Roman Reigns.

Triple H won the WWE World Heavyweight title 9 times and the World Heavyweight titles 5 times, putting him one away from John Cena and two away from Ric Flair.