Triple H joins The Shield in Glasgow, Scotland


WWE fans in Glasgow, Scotland got a pretty rare sight last night during the first stop of the European tour as Triple H joined The Shield to take on Sheamus, Cesaro, and the returning Bray Wyatt.

Triple H, complete with Shield vest and gear, got the win for the group after a triple powerbomb on Cesaro and after the match, all three did The Shield fist bump much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Before the match started, Rollins said that with Reigns out, desperate times needed desperate measures and they needed a tag team partner. Triple H came out and then was given a matching vest for the match.

For those who follow WWE storylines, Triple H joining The Shield for the night went against all logic as Triple H was the one who had big feuds with the faction, including being the man behind the break-up, and just a few months ago, wrestled Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

As you can imagine, WWE fans in Glasgow did not care one bit about the history and popped big time for The Game and the fist bump. You can see the video below.