Rules announced for the NXT WarGames match


The rules for the upcoming WarGames match for NXT Takeover were announced by WWE.

One member from each team will start the match and the remaining members will be held in three different shark cages. After five minutes from the opening ring bell, the remaining two members from one team will be able to get out of their cage and join the match.

Three minutes after that, the remaining two members from another team can join the match, and another three minutes later, the last two of the remaining team enter the match.

Once all nine Superstars are in the the WarGames steel structure, the match can be won by pinfall or submission. The match cannot be won before everyone is in.

As per the original NWA/WCW WarGames match, there will be two rings side by side covered by one single steel cage.

The teams participating in this match are The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong, SAnitY, and The Undisputed Era.