Triple H discusses breaking character on Raw for little kid


Triple H recorded a segment on ABC News via Skype after his actions from Raw with the little kid crying at ringside drew a lot of media reaction.

Talking to ABC News via Skype, Triple H recounted what happened. “As we were sitting ringside, the young man was behind me and he was chanting my name, over and over. It was just me being in character. I said, with eye brows up, ‘Hey, stop messing with me. I’m trying to do my job over here.’”

That was enough for the kid – who was attending Raw with his father – to burst out crying. Seeing what he did, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon broke out of character and try to console the little guy. WWE cameras at ringside got the perfect shots.

“I broke out of character, and put my head to his and messed his hair up,” he said. “I just said, ‘Hey, buddy, it’s OK. I’m just playing around.’”

The father and the boy also Skyped with ABC News to give their opinions. “They’re actually pretty nice not in their character,” the 8 year old boy said. His father said it was a huge impression and it’s something that he guarantees his son will never forget.

“Putting a smile on his face, by far, was the best thing I did Monday,” Triple H said.

You can see the video below.