Rolling Stone talks with Paul Heyman


Rolling Stone has an interesting interview with the one and only Paul Heyman to promote this Sunday’s Royal Rumble, discussing with the former ECW mastermind a variety of subjects.

When asked about his “Paul Heyman guys,” Heyman said that he has never walked out with someone he wasn’t trying to audition as a WrestleMania main eventer. With the author singling out Cesaro and Curtis Axel’s association with Heyman, he said that “sometimes the chemistry isn’t there.”

He admits that the bar was set pretty high with the chemistry that both he and Lesnar have and as well the relationship he had with CM Punk. “It would be very difficult to match that,” Heyman acknowledges.

Heyman said that looking back on WWE 20 years from now, there are two newsworthy matches that WWE fans will remember forever – Lesnar conquering the streak at WrestleMania versus The Undertaker and the SummerSlam match against John Cena where Lesnar regained the title in an unprecedented fashion.

“I don’t think anything else, from a historical perspective, can hold water to those two,” he said.

Perhaps the most interesting quote of the whole story was how he views Seth Rollins, the current Money In The Bank holder. “The single best in-ring performer in the world today. Undisputed.”

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