Total Divas S9 E1 recap: The Baddest Women on the Planet


In this season opener of Total Divas, fans meet brand new cast member, WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey. We also learned more about the former judo champion’s difficult past which included a struggle with developmental delays.

Also, we get some insight into Ronda’s personal life which includes the ownership of a working farm that she owns with her husband, Travis. She also owns several animals including several goats, chickens, and a donkey. She is also a step-mom to two boys, whom she considers to be her own sons.

Meanwhile, we also become reacquainted with Divas from prior seasons of the show, such as Nia Jax, and Carmella.

Speaking of those two, they don’t seem to be getting along well this season. Nia wasted no time in informing Carmella that she doesn’t like her, or respect her work in the ring. She also claimed that Carmella is a coward who runs away from a hit. Carmella claimed that she only tries to avoid hurting others.

She was also accused of being very fake. This accusation seemed to be the one that bothered her the most. In fact, Carmella was so upset that she spread Nia’s words throughout the locker room. Natalya, who is something of a home mom to all of the Divas, tried to effect a reconciliation between the two women. The brunch that she arranged served to accelerate the fight between the two.

However, the brunch did cause something else to occur: new cast member Sonya Deville gave dating advice to Carmella.

The main reason that this is so interesting is because Deville is the first openly gay Superstar. Therefore, it is interesting that she was able to give advice on dating men as she hasn’t dated men in a while. It is clear that this season will be full of enough drama to satisfy all fans of the show!