Chris Jericho reacts to WWE’s congratulatory message on ratings win


Appearing on Complex Sports, AEW champion Chris Jericho repeated his earlier statement saying that AEW is not in a war with NXT and the only war they’re in is the one against themselves.

“They started this. Everything that they’ve done has been a reactionary move to us,” Jericho explained. “And the very first night they got destroyed. Big deal, it’s our first debut, great.”

Jericho then took a dig at WWE’s congratulatory message which was released to the press before the actual ratings came out. “But they have to come back and say, ‘It’s a marathon and not a one-night sprint.’ Whoever said it’s a one-night sprint? It’s not a war for us…now, we’re placed in one, and we’re gonna kick ass because we’re gonna do what we do very, very well. There’s a little bit of an arrogance towards us that’s now gone.”

The champ, who did the interview before the 1.4 million viewership number came out, added that WWE are embarrassed and he knows how they work and that’s why they put out the statement.