Total Divas S6 E4 episode recap: Gone Girl

This week on Total Divas several Divas came out fighting. When so many women work together in one place, there is bound to be drama; but no one does drama quite like the Divas. With this bunch of girls, even friendly concern from one Diva to another can become cause for a massive war of words. WWE superstar Paige, showed us all to well how a friend’s concern can be easily misinterpreted as blatant gossiping.

It is no secret that Paige has always been determined to succeed in the wrestling business. She immigrated to the United States from England at the age of 18, and walked straight to the WWE Performance Center demanding to be considered for a contract. So, when Paige began missing live events, WWE interviewer Renée Young became concerned.

However, Renée wasn’t the only one, when WWE Superstar Natalia threw a going away party for fellow diva Trinity, she became concerned when Paige arrived at the party with WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio. Natalia described Del Rio as, “the bad boy of the WWE.”

Several days after the party, Paige continued to miss live events, and even missed a connecting flight from Dallas to Tulsa. It was later discovered that instead of attending live events in Tulsa, Paige took a flight to San Antonio where Alberto Del Rio has his home. In addition, Paige refused to answer any of her friends’ concerned phone calls or text messages. She was also late for Monday Night Raw, which is a very big mistake if you work for WWE. Since Renée Young and Paige are such close friends, Renée decided to talk to Paige privately to discover what was going on. Paige took offense when Renée explained that she several of the other Divas were becoming concerned about her erratic behavior.

This turned out to be a large mistake on Renée Young’s part. Renée’s mention of the other Divas infuriated Paige. She began to suspect that the other Divas were not concerned about her, but merely wanted to know about her situation with Alberto.

I understand why Paige would suspect the other Divas of merely gossiping, but should learn to count on her true friend, Renée Young. Another hint for Paige, it’s never a good idea to show up late for work particularly if the only excuse you have is wanting to spend time with your boyfriend. The same goes for missing work, and also the next time you decide to disappear let someone know where you are. Renée Young gets major points on the friend scale in my book, not only was she constantly concerned about her friend, but was the only friend who confronted Paige directly rather than just talking about her. Further, when Paige became enraged, shouting that, “the girls don’t need to know my business, and they don’t deserve to know my business,” Renée chose to calmly walk away from the situation. Once Paige was sorry about her behavior, Renée was sincere and honest about her concern, but accepted Paige’s apology.

Meanwhile, Nikki Bella and her sister Brie were having a little spat of their own. After a tumultuous first season of Total Bellas, where Nikki and Brie and their significant others lived in the same house, tensions were running high between Nikki and her brother-in-law, WWE superstar, Daniel Bryan.

Trying to mend fences between her husband and sister, Brie invited her sister to the couple’s new home in Aberdeen, Washington for the weekend. In an effort to try to make peace with her brother-in-law, Nikki chose to stop at a local nursery and purchase a tree for Daniel to plant in his brand-new garden. In my opinion, this was a good move on Nikki’s part. Bringing a peace offering showed she was truly sorry for her interference in Daniel and Brie’s business.

Early in the visit, Brie pulled Nikki aside and asked her not to mention wrestling around Daniel because it might make him sad. Since Daniel Bryan’s depression can get very bad, and has been a struggle for him of late, I understand Brie’s impulse to protect her husband. However, I feel that she was placing very little faith in Daniel’s ability to cope with his own feelings. She was also not considering how big a part wrestling has played in Daniel’s life since his entrance into the professional sports arena.

When Daniel asked Nikki about how her attempts to return to the ring were progressing, she said that she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Then she mentioned that the ban on wrestling discussion had been Brie’s idea, and angrily left the restaurant where the trio had been dining. Daniel was as angry as Nikki at Brie for banning the talk of his favorite sport. He pointed out that her concern for him had caused her to overlook how much wrestling, and the discussion of it still meant to him. Daniel then spoke to Nicole regarding the incident and assured her that he wanted to hear about her come back and wished her well in all her future in-ring endeavors. So, it looks as though for now, all is well between the Bellas and their relations.

Yet another Diva was causing a stir in this episode. Eva Marie was still disappointed about her lack of television air time since her return from NXT. She consulted her new friend, Maryse, for advice. Maryse suggested that Eva Marie approach producers at WWE, and ask for more airtime. So Eva Marie flew herself out to the next WWE taping location in order to speak with producers. She approached them with the new entrance for her character, but while producers admired her tenacity, they told her that taking matters into her own hands was frowned upon.

However, her proposed entrance was taken back to producers and approved. So it looks as though the WWE universe will be seeing more of Eva Marie on this season of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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