Total Divas S6 E11 episode recap: The Draft

In this opening episode after the mid-season finale, the Divas were all nervous about the brand split which would cause the two shows of WWE, Monday Night Raw and Smackdown into separate brands with different zuperstars on each show.

The separation of the two shows would cause some Divas to be separated from their friends and unable to see them often. However, the problem that concerned the Divas most was the possible sending of people in relationships to brands apart from their significant others. Even married couples were not exempt from possible separation.

According to the head of talent relations, Mark Carano, “Sometimes business is more important than personal life.” I understand that the WWE is a business first and foremost, however, I believe that WWE needed to consider the fact that some Superstars may feel that the sacrifice of time with their significant other is not a sacrifice that they would wish to make.

In the end though, almost all of the Divas who were in relationships got to be on the same team as their Superstar boyfriends. A notable exception was Paige and her boyfriend Alberto del Rio who were placed on separate brands. Paige stormed out of draft night furious, and confided to her friends that she may have to rethink her life decisions.

Nikki Bella had more on her mind then the draft. After her extremely serious neck and spine operation, she had finally been cleared by doctors to rejoin her contemporaries in the WWE ring.

However, not everyone was sure that they wanted to risk injuring Nikki further by wrestling her again. Nikki’s friend, WWE superstar Natalya, counseled her friend that she might want to take it easy when returning to the ring. However, Nikki took Natalya’s well meant advice as criticism, and began to doubt herself based on Natalya’s comments.

This caused Nikki to inform Natalya that “if you don’t want to be my opponent then I will find someone else to work with.” Natalya was dismayed by her friend’s reaction and consulted Nikki’s sister Brie for advice.

Brie said that Natalia should support Nikki in her comeback. This is especially true since Nikki no longer has Brie around the ring for support. We will all be waiting to see Nikki come back to the ring for the first time without her sister next week on Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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