Forbes lists WWE’s top earners of 2016 has published a list of the top 10 earners in WWE for the year 2016, with surprise surprise, part-timer Brock Lesnar topping the list.

The list was calculated based on base salary as well as bonus payouts for both live performances and merchandise sales, with each WWE Superstar getting a cut from gate money and how much of their merchandise they move.

As mentioned above, Brock Lesnar was #1 with $12 million in pay for 2016. Not bad for limited appearances and the occasional match. John Cena, who was injured for a few months last year and also took time off to film, came in second with $8 million. Triple H was third with $3.8 million, and fourth and fifth places were occupied by former Shield members Roman Reigns, with $3.5 million, and Dean Ambrose, with $2.7 million.

Rounding up the top 10 are AJ Styles with $2.4 million, Shane McMahon with $2.2 million, The Undertaker with $2 million, Seth Rollins with $2 million, and Randy Orton with $1.9 million.