Total Bellas S6 E5 recap: Bye Bye Bella

There are some sad moments in this episode, but, there are some happy ones as well.

This episode begins with Artem and Nicole trying to install a new car seat in preparation for the birth of their new baby boy. Artem seems to have the installing thing down, however, when Nicole’s sister, Brie, shows up she points that Artem has the car seat installed in the wrong direction. Apparently, car seats for newborns are supposed to be facing the rear of the vehicle, while car seats for toddlers should be forward facing. I didn’t know that, did you? I guess you learn something new every day.

It was lucky that Brie showed up when she did, otherwise, Nicole and Artem’s would have had to reinstall the car seat before they could bring baby Matteo home from the hospital. However, Brie won’t be around to offer Nicole motherly advice much longer. This is because Nicole and Artem won’t be having their baby in Arizona, as was originally planned.

Nicole’s insurance company is a California based insurance company, and therefore, won’t pay for her to give birth in Arizona. Originally, Nicole had thought that perhaps the company would pay for her birth expenses since giving birth is classified as an emergency, and, her insurance company is required to pay for emergency births which take place out of state. However, according to Nicole’s business manager, something can’t be qualified as an emergency if it is planned to months in advance. I could have told Nicole that the emergency defense wouldn’t work, but of course, nobody asked me.

So, it looks as though the couple will have to face their first days as parents with only Nicole’s mom, Kathy, as support. This also means that Kathy won’t be around for the birth of Brie and her husband Bryan’s second child who is due around the same time as Nicole’s baby.

This circumstance made Brie upset since she feels like a single parent often to her three-year-old daughter, Birdie, especially since Bryan is often on the road due to his job wrestling for the WWE. I think that Brie became slightly hormonal at one point exclaiming, “Nicole you caused this,” and storming away tears. While I think that perhaps Nicole would have been wiser simply to remain in her home in Los Angeles, accusing her of causing her sister’s distress was a bit harsh.

However, once Brie talk to her husband, she seemed to calm down slightly. But Brie’s tears weren’t the last to be shed in this episode. The sisters shed plenty more as they spent time together over the next couple days.

During their last few days of pregnant bonding Brie and Nicole did a nude photo shoot displaying their pregnant bellies in all their glory. Their bellies were not the only parts of the twins that viewers and the photographer were shown during the photo shoot.

The twins didn’t even bother to wear underwear. Don’t get me wrong, I think women’s bodies are beautiful, and that the pregnant female body is the most beautiful of all, but, is it just me or do the sisters seem a little obsessed with nudity? I mean, last week we had Nicole swimming nude in order to attract her fiancé’s attention and this week both sisters are bearing it all in a nude photo shoot.

But it’s their bodies they can do what they want. Anyway, after the photo shoot, Brie and Birdie went to Nicole and Artem’s rental house for one last spaghetti dinner. Before dinner, Birdie got to participate in one of her favorite activities, in which, Artem lifted her up into the air. I think Birdie made all viewers laugh when she exclaimed, “and now mama’s turn”. Watching Artem lift a pregnant Brie into the air was pretty funny also. Nicole made me laugh even more when she said, “I wish Bryan was here, so she’d go, and now daddy’s turn.” The thought of Artem attempting to lift Bryan into the air was just hilarious.

Before leaving, Nicole and Artem had one last surprise for Brie and Birdie. They rented an ice cream truck so that Birdie could have the experience of buying an ice cream from the ice cream man. So Birdie, Brie, and Nicole got to lick strawberry popsicles before a final tearful farewell as Nicole and Artem rode off into the sunset on their way to Los Angeles.

However, the biggest drama of all is still unfolding the two sisters have to still give birth to their babies which means we still have at least one more drama filled episode to go.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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