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Total Bellas S5 E5 episode recap: BellaVision


In this episode of Total Bellas, both of the twins seemed to be having trouble with their men. While this is not uncommon for Nikki whose romantic exploits have been well documented in previous seasons, Brie and her husband have always seemed to have a good relationship.

However, lately, there seems to be trouble in paradise. At the start of this season, Brie told her husband that she didn’t want a second child, thus, creating the first rift in their relationship. They only seem to grow further apart as the season wears on. It is well known that Bryan is more of a private person than Brie. He also says that when he and Brie first began dating they had agreed to have a simple life. I’m not sure how Bryan thought he was going to have a simple life, while dating a reality star, and pro wrestler who was on TV every week, while being on TV every week himself! However, he planned on doing it…he had planned on having a normal relationship which they can’t have due to Brie’s multiple jobs. I understand Bryan’s wishes, he may have wanted to express his wish calmly before Brie and her sister had started multiple companies. He also should have known that the Bella twins are definite go getters.

But not everyone is as eager as they are too create new projects, as Nikki found out in this episode.

Nikki’s boyfriend, Artem, used to be a dancer for the TV show Dancing with the Stars, but since being cut from the show, he hasn’t found another job. Further, Artem didn’t even know what he wanted to do next. While most girlfriends would be happy to allow their boyfriends take a small break after nearly a decade of intense physical work on a weekly TV show, Nikki did not.

She insisted on making a vision board for her boyfriend. For those of you who don’t know a vision board is a collection of magazine clippings which are supposed to inspire people to accomplish their goals. The key word being their goals. When Artem refused to make his own vision board, Nikki decided to make one for him. So, basically, Nikki had made a list of the dreams she wanted for Artem, rather than helping him achieve his in his own way. I think Nikki is so used to being in control that she couldn’t stand being out of control this once. She has to learn that you can never control everything.

And until she does, there will be lots of more drama on Total Bellas.

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