Total Bellas S4 E8 episode recap: Road To Evolution

The eighth episode of the fourth season of Total Bellas was full of drama and family togetherness, as the whole Bella clan gathered in San Diego for some much needed family time.

This episode also contained two big decisions on the part of Brie Bella in her husband, Daniel Bryan. However, before any big decisions were made, the family went on several outings planned by the Bella family matriarch, Kathy.

On their first outing, the family took a sushi-making class, because what’s the fun of having lunch if you can’t play with your food? One family member disappointed the rest by showing up late for the raw fish fun. Brie and Daniel showed up 30 minutes late. Brie seemed more eager to eat her lunch rather than create it, so she quickly assembled and devoured her roll. Meanwhile, her twin sister, Nicole, choose to painstakingly follow each of the teachers instructions. It was further noted that Bryan was still busy rolling his sushi as the rest of the family ate. Furthermore, certain family members pointed out that Brie who is known to be indecisive about many things, crammed her roll full of ingredients rather than choosing just a couple. Personally, I think this family was getting just a little too analytical about lunch.

The ride to the sushi class also gave Brie plenty of time to criticize her husband’s slow driving. I think that Bryan is right to practice defensive driving techniques particularly due to the fact that he is often driving with the couple’s one-year-old daughter, Birdie, in the backseat, but apparently his slowness annoys Brie greatly. However, later on in the episode, Bryan got the chance to show Brie that he wasn’t so slow after all, by coming in first when the family raced go carts. This episode also presented many occasions during which one of Brie’s worst qualities, indecisiveness was on full display.

In recent episodes, Brie, Bryan, and Birdie moved from Phoenix, Arizona in order to comfort a despondent Nicole after her recent breakup. Nicole seems to be moving on just fine without Brie’s questionable heart healing abilities, while Brie doesn’t seem to be settling in well in her rented San Diego home. So, she suggested to her husband Bryan that they relocate yet again, breaking their lease and returning to Phoenix.

Brian pointed out that breaking their lease would cost them a large amount of money. Over the four seasons of Total Bellas, the couple has moved several times with Brie never feeling settled in any of their homes. However, she desperately wanted her daughter to put down permanent roots somewhere. When she mentioned this to Bryan he suggested that it wasn’t only their home that Brie was being indecisive about.

Throughout this season, Brie has been toying with the idea of retiring after the all women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. She has been torn between continuing to have the career she loves and focusing on growing the family that she had Bryan have. However, in the end of this episode, Brie finally decided that she would be hanging up her wrestling boots permanently, and focusing on adding another baby to the family so that Birdie can have a sibling who is close to her in age.

The Danielsons have also decided that Phoenix is also the best place to raise their family. Congratulations, Brie and good luck on all your future endeavors. I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits for the rest of this season of Total Bellas, and who knows maybe we’ll be seeing a second baby Danielson in time for next season!

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