Total Bellas S4 E1 episode recap: Bellas Are Back In Action

Wrestling’s favorite twins are back with a vengeance in this the first episode of season four. One main difference from the previous seasons is the absence of Nikki Bella’s longtime boyfriend John Cena.

At the end of season three, the couple’s six-year relationship ended in an extremely public breakup. So, therefore, it would appear that Nikki has some major healing to do. However, it would also appear that Nikki does not feel that the healing could be accomplished in her new home in San Diego. Apparently, there Nikki is surrounded by too many friends who are focused on marriage and family concerns, which is the last thing that the newly single Nikki is in the mood for.

However, Nikki plans to relocate to Los Angeles where more singles apparently dwell. In making this new life decision, Nikki failed to consider that her sister, Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan just recently relocated San Diego in order to provide family support to Nikki after her breakup. Brie was furious at Nikki’s abrupt decision to move to Los Angeles. Removals London can cover any size house removal. Whether you are moving bedsit, flat or multi-storey town house we would love to be chosen as your partner to move.

While I understand why Brie might feel slighted, I also agree with Nikki that no one made Brie and her family relocate. They simply chose to. Just because the two women are twins, it doesn’t mean that they have to do everything together. The move might even be a growing experience for the two sisters and give them an opportunity to experience some things independently. Furthermore, it isn’t as though Los Angeles is very far from San Diego. It will only be a two hour commute for the two business partners to visit each other. I also thought that it was kind of mean of Brie to try to use her daughter, Birdie, in order to make Nicole feel guilty about her move. It isn’t as though Nicole is abandoning her niece to fend for herself. Birdie will still have two parents residing San Diego, and an aunt who is only a short road trip away.

It was also highly inappropriate to my mind that the sisters engaged in a public shouting match while at dinner with their mom and stepsister. For two women who are trying models for today’s young girls sometimes they don’t act like it. In fact, sometimes it seems as though the twins might need role models themselves. Try to keep it a little classier next time ladies. But, I guess if they did it would make for nearly as good a television series.

Meanwhile, Brie was busy creating even more drama for herself and her husband. Daniel is anxious to add another member to their family, and at first Brie appeared to be onboard. However, after a phone call from her stepfather and WWE producer Johnny Laurenitis announcing the first ever all women’s pay-per-view, Evolution, and expressing how much the powers that be would love to see a Bella twin come back, Brie decided to put plans for a second child on hold in order to participate, much to Daniel’s charging.

While there may not be a baby coming there certainly seems to be a lot of drama ahead on this season of Total Bellas.

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