Total Bellas S3 E6 episode recap: A Bella Babymoon

The third episode of season six is just as action-packed as the previous two.

It begins with Brie and Bryan attempting to take a baby moon, or a vacation before the birth of their baby. As usual, Bryan attempts to spend alone time with his wife, but Brie ends up inviting her entire family to join them on the trip.

It seems as though Bryan should just trying for solitary family vacations, because, apparently, when you marry a member Bella clan, they all come as a package deal. Sometimes, I wonder, if Bryan knows how this is going to work out, but still plans solo vacations just to make the TV show more interesting. You would think that Brie could sometimes put her foot down but apparently not.

Anyway, the entire family heads out to Flagstaff, Arizona, for this romantic getaway which turned into a family vacation. Once again, as usual, with all Bella family vacations, this one turns into a bit of a family therapy session as well.

Since the release of their book, the Bella Twins have been noticing that their mother, Kathy, is under a very large amount of stress. This is not surprising, considering, that Nikki Bella disclosed to the world that she had been raped twice as a teenager.

It turns out that the family matriarch was as clueless as the rest of us with regards to the horrors in her daughter’s past. Furthermore, the twins book also disclosed details about Kathy’s marriage to the twins father, who suffered from alcoholism and was abusive. Further complicating things, Kathy also was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, and doesn’t seem to be recovering well.

Of course, the twins wanted to help their mother with her problems, but in the past, the family hasn’t been a good and discussing their issues. So obviously, the twins’ attempts to enter into a deep emotional discussion with their mother made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

In the end, though, the twins convinced their mom to seek therapy for emotional issues she has surrounding the book’s release and even offered to set her up with an appointment with the therapist that they trust. The females of the family weren’t the only ones who dealt with their emotional issues on the trip. The males of the family the list of issues as well.

It is common knowledge that Bryan, Brie’s husband enjoys communing with nature. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he has great admiration for the Native American culture.

In the last season of total Bellas, he and his wife participated in a ceremony which helped him let go of several issues surrounding his anxiety and depression. This time, Bryan, took along Nicole’s boyfriend, Artem, to participate in a ceremony dealing with fatherhood.

Both men enjoy themselves so much that they decided to stay the night rather than bike home as had originally been planned. However, rather than simply texting the ladies about the change of plans, they decided to pretend they were under the influence of Native American hallucinogens.

This obviously alarmed ladies causing them to charge into the woods in order to save the men. They were understandably irate and thus ended another dramatic episode of total Bellas.

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