Total Bellas S2 E6 episode recap: The Wrong Move

The theme of this week’s Total Bellas episode seemed to be anything you can do I can do better, as the episode began with a bet between the Bella family matriarch, Kathy, and her son JJ.

Because JJ’s wife, Lauren, writes a successful blog and has thousands of followers on Instagram, Kathy made a bet with JJ that he could not triple his number of Instagram followers within two weeks. First of all, let me just say that I wish that I had a thousand bucks to spend on something as trivial as a bet! Determined to earn the thousand dollar payday, JJ immediately about doing whatever he could to gain as many followers as possible. I have to admit that some of JJ’s ideas were pretty ingenious.

I particularly enjoyed watching him get his chest hair waxed because he has an extremely low pain threshold. However, Lauren felt that JJ’s newfound interest in Instagram was something that he was nearly using as a vehicle to make fun of her and degrade her job. At the family dinner, Nikki confronted JJ and showed him the error of his ways. She suggested that JJ apologize to Lauren and tell her how much he admired her for working so hard on her blog. I think that this is good advice on Nikki’s part especially considering JJ and Lauren’s marital problems recently. It just goes to show that sometimes sister really does know best.

In the end, JJ called off the bet with his mother and bought dinner for the family. Way to go JJ!

Meanwhile, Daniel and Brie discussed middle names for the baby girl that they are expecting. Brie wanted her daughter’s middle name to be Jo in honor of her late grandfather, but Daniel wanted to give Birdie a Scandinavian middle name in honor of his supposed Viking heritage.

Because Brie didn’t believe that Daniel was genuinely of Viking dissent, Daniel suggested taking their DNA and having it analyzed to determine their true ancestry. Brie thought that she already knew her own ancestry, believing herself to be half Mexican and half Italian. However, when the ancestry results came back they revealed that Brie is in fact partially Jewish, Welsh, and Native American!

Once Brie discovered that she was descended from several different cultures; she began to try to explore all of them. She made Hala bread to honor her Jewish heritage and visited a Native American Museum in order to explore her Native American ancestry. However, when Daniel suggested that they learn more about Viking ancestors Brie didn’t take the suggestion seriously.

When it became apparent that Daniel’s feelings were hurt by her dismissal, Brie planned a family celebration of both of their heritages complete with Viking hats, even buying an infant size hat for Birdie to wear. Daniel also announced that their daughter’s middle name would be Jo in honor of her grandfather. The party ended with the entire family raising a toast to the new addition.

It looks like celebrations will abound on the reason finale of Total Bellas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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