Total Bellas S2 E3 episode recap: Who’s Your Mama?

On this episode of Total Bellas, Brie and his sister Nikki had a maternity dispute. For those of you who are concerned, no there is no doubt as to the maternity of Brie’s new baby with husband, Daniel Bryan, rather the two sisters were basically engaged in a custody battle over a dog.

That’s right, these two dueling divas literally argued over who was the rightful dog parent.

Apparently, since Nikki has been working so much lately, Brie and her husband Daniel have been watching over Nikki’s dog, Winston, while she’s away. However, since Nikki was staying in Phoenix in order to be around for the birth of Brie’s new baby, she thought that it was only right that her four-legged baby come and stay in the palatial villa that she and her boyfriend, WWE Superstar John Cena have rented for their stay in Phoenix.

Brie disagreed claiming that it would be better not to unsettle Winston who seems perfectly comfortable spending all his time with her and Bryan. In my opinion, the simple solution would have been for the two sisters to discuss the situation calmly and rationally, but apparently they can’t do rational discussion.

Instead, Nikki decided to remove Winston from Brie and Bryan’s home without telling them. So, the next time Nikki went out of town to watch John Cena host an award show, she dog napped Winston from Brie and Brian’s house, and left him with her mother, Kathy. This, of course, infuriated Brie who immediately went to her mother home to reclaim Winston.

While being visited by both of her irate daughters, Kathy tried to make peace by suggesting that the two women explain their feelings to one another rather than engaging in a doggy tug-of-war. So, eventually, the sisters were able to express themselves, with Nicole explaining how much she missed Winston and wanted to be near him, and Brie stating that she worried about upsetting Winston by disrupting his new routine. Personally, I don’t think that Winston cared much one way or the other, but I don’t speak canine. In the end, the sisters decided to focus on what would be best for the dog rather than what they both wanted.

Meanwhile, Brie was having another difference of opinion, this time with her husband.

We all know that Daniel Bryan is a big proponent of clean, simple, frugal living; however I didn’t realize that his frugal ways extended to being bothered by how other people spend their money. However, his beliefs were made clear when he tagged along to help Brie register for baby shower gifts. Apparently, WWE’s Yes-Man had no problem saying no when his wife wanted to register for a $400 baby monitor that tracks the baby’s activity level while snoozing. While $400 does seem a tad excessive, I feel as though someone should have reminded Daniel of a major perk about getting gifts, you don’t have to spend your money! I’ve also heard that it is impolite to discuss the cost of the gift!

Daniel eventually compromised, deciding that while he had a problem with friends and family spending $400 to purchase the monitor for Brie, he had no problem purchasing it for her himself while wrapping it in recycled paper of course. Since we’re discussing the baby shower, I have to say that if Nikki’s wrestling career takes a turn for the worse, and developing their new lingerie line doesn’t work out, she could certainly have a future in event planning.

The outdoor event hosted at an Phoenix restaurant had everything from individually labeled treat stations to a printed loveseat pillow monogramed with the new baby’s name. Hopefully little Birdie Jo will be able to look back on footage and appreciate her aunt’s hard work.

While the future parents celebrated, the other brand-new parents, Brie and Nikki’s brother JJ and his wife Lauren, tried to resolve their marital problems by attending couples counseling. Here’s hoping that if for no other reason than for the sake of their little daughter Vivian the couple can work it out.

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