Total Bellas S2 E1 episode recap: A Desert Dilemma

They’re back! That’s right, WWE fans! Wrestling’s favorite twins are on the E! network once again with season two of their popular family-filled reality series.

As always, Nikki and Brie Bella have brought their famous wrestling powerhouse significant others, Brie’s husband, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan, and Nikki’s boyfriend, WWE Superstar John Cena. In addition, the twins have allowed their brother, JJ, his wife Lauren, their mom Cathy, and new stepfather John Laurinitis to accompany them for all of this season’s family fun and drama.

However, the majority of this will not be coming to us from John Cena’s Florida mansion, but rather from Daniel’s home base in Arizona. Because of the impending arrival of Brie and Daniel’s first child, Brie wanted the entire Bella family in Arizona to help prepare for and witness the birth.

Right away, there was one major problem. It is no secret to anyone that Cena couldn’t seem to find time in his busy schedule to spend months in Arizona preparing for a new addition to the family. He is after all one of the wrestling world’s most in demand personalities, hosting award shows, shooting films, and providing the voices for new cartoons, however, Brie was shocked at John’s not putting her pregnancy at the top of his priority list.

Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t this one of the exact reasons that John and Nikki have opted not to have kids thus far, because John wanted to focus on career goals? If he won’t slow his career down to have his own kids, why does Brie think that he would slow down to help her with hers?

After Brie and Nikki had a huge fight about John’s priorities, John decided that he would make an effort to travel to Arizona every time that he had twelve hours free. However, Brie’s pregnancy related drama was far from over.

Her next hurdle came when she tried to convince Daniel to allow her to post naked photos of her pregnant belly on the Internet. Daniel didn’t have a problem with his wife doing a nude photo shoot while pregnant, but he had an issue with the photos being distributed on the Internet. Daniel revealed that he is actually a very private person.

I personally don’t understand how you can be a private person and regularly appear on multiple reality shows. But I think that everyone has a right to their own forms of privacy, and perhaps having his wife’s naked form seen by millions of Internet users was simply too much for Bryan to take. I am still slightly confused as to how having his wife’s naked body seen by millions of TV viewers is much better, but that’s just me.

True to form, Brie strongly disagreed with her husband’s ban on posting. She felt that it was her right to have her body displayed on any platform that she chose. While I agree that each woman’s body is her own, Bryan seems to give in to Brie an awful lot, and it would have been nice to see Brie let Bryan win for once. Daniel wasn’t alone in his opinion about his wife’s free photo sharing. JJ also thought that his sister didn’t keep enough of herself private. Furthermore, he seemed to think that his wife had the same problem.

JJ felt so strongly on this point that he argued with Lauren in front of Brie. He claimed that Lauren never keeps any of their photos private, and that even posted lingerie photos of herself on the Internet. However, later in the episode JJ confided to Nikki that he and his wife aren’t currently living together despite the recent birth of their own baby girl. JJ insisted that Nikki wasn’t supposed to tell any of their family members about the separation, but apparently the news was okay to share viewers, go figure.

Suffice it to say, this season of Total Bellas is sure to be as drama-packed as the last.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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