Total Bellas episode 3: Who’s The Boss? recap

This episode opens with Brie and Nikki discussing how they are different from Daniel Bryan. “If we are firecrackers, then he’s a dud,” Nikki said. Wow, I guess we all know how Nikki really feels about her brother-in-law. No one really seemed to have positive things to say about Daniel in the beginning of this episode.

Kathy commented that whenever Cena and Bryan come out wearing the same shirt, “It’s like watching Arnold and Danny Devito in that movie about the twins!” Ouch, somebody show Daniel some love!

Thankfully, Nikki did just that.. eventually. However, first, Nikki insists that Daniel would make an excellent coach at NXT. She continues insisting on this even though Daniel says that it is not something he wants to do. Due to Nikki’s being so pushy, Daniel ended up accompanying Nikki and her brother to the WWE Performance Center.

The Performance Center is an amazing professional gym, that just happens to house NXT. There are state of art treadmills, weights, and bicycles in this fully carpeted gym. Also, pros have the added benefit of the ring where to practice their amazing moves.

I was impressed. Apparently, I was not the only one. J.J., Brie and Nikki’s brother, was amazed too.

I think that his amazement was partially due to his problems with his mom. J.J works at his mom’s company. He wasn’t hired as an executive assistant, but his mom seems to treat him as one in the beginning. She orders him to fetch her coffee, creamer, and fax documents all in a few minutes of the episode. This makes me feel sorry for John Laurinaitis. Will she start bossing him around as soon as they tie knot? I hope not.

I guess J.J. got tired of being bossed around, because after visiting the Performance Center, he asked John Cena to put in a good word for him at NXT. But, John doesn’t do that for anyone, or at least not in the way J.J. wants him too. Apparently, all John does is allow people too see inside the Performance Center which he points out to J.J. that he already did.

J.J. seemed upset about this for a little while. He shouldn’t have asked John for help though, because not only did it make him look as though he didn’t have any initiative, but his confiding in John made his personal thoughts fodder for family gossip. Of course, as soon John immediately told Nikki which lead to Brie being told, Brie decided to announce J.J.’s plans at family brunch.

Guess no secret is safe in the Bella clan.

While all this is going on, Nikki is trying to make sure that she gets to know her brother-in-law better. Unfortunately, she believes that the best bonding ritual is high tea. Nikki’s heart was in the right place…but really? High tea would seem be kind of emasculating.

I feel like Brie’s attempt to make Daniel feel better was more appropriate. The swim with the manatees seemed to be combination of nature and animals should have made Daniel feel peaceful, but at the end of the episode I have to agree with Brie when she says, “Bryan is not okay.”

I hope that we see Daniel’s rise to okay soon! Come back next week to find out.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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