Total Bellas cast on TODAY show to discuss new season


John Cena, Nikki Bella, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella all appeared on the TODAY show this morning to talk about the upcoming season of Total Bellas.

Nikki discussed the proposal from WrestleMania and what a special moment it was for her. E! obviously caught all the footage which will be part of season two of Total Bellas. She said that producers got cell phone footage from different people inside the stadium and will be including them as part of the episode.

The hosts then asked Brie about allowing cameras inside the hospital room when she gave birth. Bryan joked that he had absolutely no say in it and Brie said that she thought that she owed it to the fans to see her give birth as well. She was in labor for 21 hours and cameras stayed there for the whole duration.

When Cena and Nikki were asked if their wedding will be on camera too, Cena said that just like Bryan, he has zero say, which got a chuckle from everyone. Nikki was nodding yes in the background while Cena was talking about the wedding, suggesting that it will probably be part of an upcoming season.

Before signing off, Cena put over the twins for their incredible work and called them entrepreneurs. He said they have a clothing line, wine that is coming out, successful YouTube channel, filming two different shows and still have time for their families.

You can watch the segment below.