TMZ obtains audio of fight between El Patron and Paige at Orlando airport


The statement that Paige gave out yesterday saying her boyfriend had an altercation with a woman at the airport after she tried to snap photos of them is not entirely true as TMZ obtained the audio of the fight the two had at the airport and the issue is without any doubt between Paige and El Patron.

“Let’s do it, get the cops,” Alberto is heard saying. “Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f*ck alone, I’m trying to get away from you,” Paige replies.

“I’m pressing charges against you,” El Patron continues as Paige tells him that he deserves it all the time. “Press charges press charges it gets me the f*ck away from you,” Paige says.

After that, El Patron tells her that he’s going to follow her before a witness steps in and tells him not do it, adding that he’s a fan. “You’re not gonna let her go. Call the police,” responds El Patron.

El Patron was then detained by Orlando Police at the airport. You can hear the whole incident below.