TMZ claims that Sting’s wrestling career is over


TMZ.COM is reporting that Sting has decided to call an end to his in-ring wrestling career due to the severity of his neck injury.

TMZ says that Sting may announce the decision at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which he is headlining, although the decision has already been taken to retire. Sources say that Sting is open to remaining with WWE in a different capacity although there’s no formal offer on the table just yet.

The former WCW and TNA champion took the advice of different doctors who all came to one conclusion: that continuing wrestling is not in his best interest and it’s considered too risky.

Sting was injured at the Night of Champions pay-per-view this past September when wrestling Seth Rollins. The injury occurred when Rollins power bombed Sting into the turnbuckle and he landed badly on his neck, a move that has now ended his career. Although Sting continued to wrestle for a bit after the move, he dropped after running the ropes when his legs gave out. Sting was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, the same condition that Edge had when he retired.