The Ultimate Deletion match being filmed today at the Hardy compound


Things are about to get weird on WWE television as is reporting that the company is filming the Ultimate Deletion match at the Hardy compound today.

The popular – and different – match appeared first on an episode of Impact Wrestling a few years ago. With Hardy now owning the rights to the Broken Universe, WWE can go ahead and present their own version of the Ultimate Deletion match.

This match will be screened on Monday Night Raw and not at WrestleMania as many thought it would be. The match could be a good addition to Raw as more viewers will probably tune in to see what kind of craziness they will bring, bumping up the ratings.

“‘W’ is gonna start sounding like ‘BR’..,” Hardy wrote on Twitter, referring to Woken and Broken. While at Impact, Hardy was referred to as Broken Matt.

It will be interesting to see if Reby Hardy, his son King Maxel, and father-in-law Señor Benjamin will be appearing. Reby ripped on Impact Wrestling in the past for not paying her father to appear in the match. Jeff Hardy, cleared by his surgeon, could also appear in his alter ego of Brother Nero.

One of the creative minds behind the original match at Impact was Jeremy Borash, who now works solely for WWE and the NXT brand.