The Rock tweets Jeff Jarrett regarding RAW, but then deletes it from timeline


A tweet that The Rock sent to Jeff Jarrett after RAW was over was deleted from The Rock’s timeline however the actual tweet still comes up if you search for it.

“@JeffJarrettTNA Had to tell a few of our USWA stories tonight on #RAW my friend. From 40 bucks a night to @WWE Champ. #NashvilleDreams,” Rock wrote to Jarrett, a message which was retweeted 164 times.

“Congrats on all your success! #DowntownBruno,” Jarrett replied, adding the hashtag of Downtown Bruno, who WWE fans might now better as Harvey Wippleman. The Rock name-checked him during the promo which closed RAW yesterday.

The current WWE champion mentioned the former TNA champion on the broadcast while he was recounting stories from when he started wrestling in Nashville when he was 25 years old. Jeff Jarrett was fired in a TNA storyline at the end of 2011 following a steel cage match against Jeff Hardy at the Final Resolution pay-per-view.

Jarrett also wrote that after The Rock mentioned him on RAW, people made sure he knew about it!

“Phone blowing up… Twitter blowing up… @TheRock #theRocksays #40bucks.”