The Iron Sheik goes nuts on Twitter after IOC cancels wrestling as Olympic event


Today, the International Olympic Committee took the decision to withdraw the sport of wrestling starting from the 2020 Olympic Games. Wrestling has been part of the Olympics since 1896.

One person who didn’t take the decision nicely was former Olympian himself, the one and only Iron Sheik. TMZ caught up with Sheiky to get his opinions on the IOC for dropping wrestling and well, how can we put it, he wasn’t happy!

“After 1000 years they take away the best sport in the world? This is the first time the dumb motherf**kers have no balls for they make the walking an Olympic sport,” Sheik told TMZ.

He also threatened to harm IOC members if he sees them in the street. “If I see anybody on the street that work from the IOC I swear to the Jesus I suplex them put them in camel clutch break their back make them humble.”

Sheik was involved in the 1968 Olympics representing his country Iran and then joined Team USA as a coach afterward.

On his Twitter, the former WWE champion is on a rampage, telling the IOC to go and f**k themselves and that they have “rice dicks.” Comedy gold. God bless the Iron Sheik.

“Go f**k the Badminton and the walking they are not sports like wrestling,” Sheik said.