The Rock shows up at the Rumble….to save Roman Reigns


The Rock did show up at the Royal Rumble but was not one of the 30 participants in the over-the-top rope match.

After Roman Reigns eliminated both Kane and Big Show at the same time, the two Authority members jumped back in the ring and attacked the eventual winner. At that point, The Rock’s music hit for good pop from the crowd and The Rock whooped some candy ass on both Show and Kane, also delivering the People’s Elbow on Kane.

The Rock stayed at ringside as Reigns then eliminated Rusev to win the Royal Rumble and celebrated with him in the middle of the ring. Despite Rock raising Reigns’ hand in victory, the Philadelphia crowd still booed Reigns out of the building.

This was the first WWE appearance from The Rock since that Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn last year when he had a segment with Rusev.