The Rock calls CM Punk on the phone after Raw in front of 15,000 people


After Raw went off the air last night, The Rock decided to have a little bit of fun with the crowd after they started chanting for CM Punk.

Johnson was there because after Raw they filmed the scene when Paige won the Divas title from AJ Lee the night after WrestleMania for the upcoming movie Fighting With My Family. With AJ Lee came the natural CM Punk chants and the former WWE champion had the genius idea of calling CM Punk on his cell phone from the middle of the ring as production crew set up at ringside waiting for the scene to be filmed. Someone pointed out that it was 11:30PM in Chicago, and Rock replied saying he doesn’t care that it’s 11:30PM.

“To voicemail, voicemail,” The Rock said, as the crowd booed. “Hey I’m gonna leave a message…here we go!” he added.

“Hey Punk it’s Rock. This is not a joke I’m literally calling you from the middle of the STAPLES Center with 15,000 strong,” Rock said, with now the crowd screaming. “I hope you hear this, it’s not a rib, they are chanting your name. That is real 15,000 strong chanting your name in LA.”

The Rock then tried to FaceTime Punk but he said that the STAPLES Center has some “shitty WiFi.”

Punk acknowledged the voice mail on his Twitter without mentioning WWE or The Rock. “Thanks Los Angeles. Nice to hear from you,” Punk wrote, adding that he was walking Larry for his birthday when the call came in. Larry is his dog.