The New Day and The Elite battle each other in Street Fighter V…who won?


The New Day and The Elite faced each other in a Street Fighter V battle yesterday at the Electronic Gaming Expo in Los Angeles, California. The one-hour event was broadcast live on Twitch by Capcom, the makers of the popular video game.

The original best out of three contest was won by The New Day when Kofi Kingston defeated Nick Jackson and Xavier Woods beat Matt Jackson while Kenny Omega defeated Big E. But things escalated after that and Kenny Omega then challenged Xavier Woods to a best out of nine contest!

The two avid gamers went 4-4 in the contest and then the new IWGP champion Kenny Omega beat Xavier Woods in a very tight final ninth contest.

The stipulation of the contest was that the losing team had to suck it up and eat a spicy pepper. Woods manned up and ate two for his team before Omega interrupted as the crowd kept cheering for Woods. Omega then said that he could do that too and started eating the pepper too, which didn’t end up well for both guys!

You can see the full broadcast below.