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The McMahons tweet their thanks to Jim Ross

The McMahons tweeted their thanks to Hall of Famer Jim Ross who spent his last day as WWE employee yesterday.

“Thank you @JRsBBQ for 20 years of service with @WWE,” wrote Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon in a short tweet, clearly nowhere near the 140 limit character.

“Thank you for everything @JRsBBQ I’ve learned so much from you. You will always be the voice of the WWE. #halloffamer,” added Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H also thanked JR for his service and his help. “Can’t thank you enough @JRsBBQ for all you’ve done for me personally and for @WWE … Enjoy your time, you’ve earned it!!! #thankyouJR.”

The ThankYouJR and Jim Ross hashtags were trending worldwide on Twitter last night after the announcement was made that Ross was leaving for good.

Most WWE Superstars have not mentioned the retirement on their busy Twitter feeds at time of this writing. Mick Foley, who is a big friend of JR, was skeptical about the retirement. “What did I miss? Did @JRsBBQ retire? If so, why?” asked Foley.

John “JBL” Layfield wrote, “Congrats on a Hall of Fame career @JRsBBQ ! Been great working with u, and for u, over the years & the ribbing between Texas and Oklahoma!”

Joey Styles, who heads up WWE Digital thanked JR for being “the measuring stick” for pro wrestling announcers and for teaching him how to be a WWE storyteller.

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden was saddened by the abrupt news that Ross was retiring. “A gr8 man; one of the top 5 wrestling minds ever; @JRsBBQ is THE BEST PRO WRESTLING ANNOUNCER EVER. No discussion, no debate, no question. Whoever’s No. 2 is a distant 2nd.”

RAW ring announcer Justin Roberts also thanked JR for his service. “The passion, knowledge & untouchable experience. Thank you @JRsBBQ for adding so much to SO many matches and stories. #LEGEND”

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