SummerSlam 2016 commercial airs during UFC 200


A WWE SummerSlam commercial, specifically focused on Lesnar vs Orton, aired during the UFC 200 pay-per-view last night although the video was only for home viewers and never made it to the live audience.

The video was a thank you from the UFC for WWE allowing Brock Lesnar to participate at UFC 200. This deal was never done before and it could be something new going forward if Lesnar decides that he wants to step back in the Octagon while under a WWE contract.

WWE were hesitant to push the fight on their television properties however a few days before the actual event they started pushing it online, even showing the weigh-ins video live on their social media. After Brock won, WWE.COM published a short article as well.

2K also bought a spot during the pay-per-view to promote the WWE 2K17 video game which comes out later in the Fall. Lesnar is the cover Superstar this year so it made sense from their end to push the game.