Did Taz and The Rock kiss and make up?


Seems like The Rock and Taz have come to some sort of an agreement after a public spat on Twitter last week following the announcement of The Rock’s new YouTube show Rock The Promo.

Taz did not appreciate The Rock “hacking” him since he has done something similar every week on his radio show in a segment titled Hump Day Promos. Taz called out The Rock on Twitter and Rock replied saying he didn’t even know Taz had a radio show. He eventually told him to take the discussion private and promised to call him.

Yesterday on Twitter, Taz wrote that The Rock will be addressing him and his audience with a video that will air on the show tomorrow morning starting at 7AM. The show is broadcast on CBS Radio and is also live via video at TazShow.com. “And don’t edit the part out about you still owing me, Bubba, D-Von & Dreamer dinner,” The Rock joked back.