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Sting makes WWE debut at the Survivor Series


After years of speculations and what ifs, it finally happened. Former WCW and TNA champion Sting showed up live and in person in a WWE ring yesterday at the Survivor Series.

The man known as The Icon appeared towards the end of the main event after Dolph Ziggler had the odds stacked against him with Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, and Triple H all interfering to save Rollins. Eventually HHH’s favorite referee, Scott Armstrong, came in for the three count but the Stinger came out and took out Armstrong.

Triple H and Sting had a stare down and then Triple H threw the first punch but the former champ countered and eventually hit the Scorpion Death Drop on The Game, taking him out. He then helped put Dolph Ziggler on top of Seth Rollins as the referee counted to three.

Sting going to WWE has been a hot topic for several years, ever since WWE bought out WCW back in 2001. The possibilities of him appearing became closer to reality over the past few years during WrestleMania season but Sting never pulled the trigger and opted to stay with TNA when he was invited to jump ship.

That all changed this year when Sting was revealed to be part of the WWE 2K15 video game and the new Mattel action figures. WWE started selling his merchandise on WWEShop.com but a deal for him to be an on-screen character took a long, long time to be finalized.

Sting has said this year that if he has it his way, “it’s going to happen.” It might not have been the fantasy match against The Undertaker – which could still be happen – but one thing is for sure, Sting has finally landed in WWE and helped taking out The Authority.