Sting makes surprise appearance at WWE’s Comic Con panel


Sting just showed up at the San Diego Comic Con as a surprise with trench coat and make up to promote the new line of WWE action figures.

The former WCW champion joined Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan and Paul Heyman at the WWE panel with Mattel and received a standing ovation from everyone.

Mattel and WWE unveiled their latest toys which include new action figures of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Roman Reigns, John Cena, several WWE Legends, and of course Sting.

“You want a major surprise? @Sting has descended upon #SDCC!” said the WWE Twitter account. The Instagram WWE account also posted a video of Sting backstage with his back turned at first, then he turns around and says “It’s showtime!”

WWE has uploaded the video of Sting’s entrance at the Comic Con panel which you can see below.