Sting in first interview with WWE.COM


In his first interview with WWE.COM, Sting said that his relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon is good and it has always been good and doesn’t know where all the rumors of him not seeing eye to eye with WWE came from.

The former WCW champ said that it’s now or never with his age and it’s about time that something happens. He has a new shirt, new action figure, he’s part of the WWE 2K15 video game, and they all sport the WWE logo, which is a first for him.

Sting added that he’s thought about jumping to WWE over the years and came close a couple of times. He said he regrets that the Undertaker’s streak is over as he would have loved to take a shot at it.

Explaining his conversations with Vince McMahon, Sting said that Vince always closed by saying that someday they’ll do business together. “He was right. We’re doing something here,” he said.

“It feels good to get my foot in the door,” Sting said regarding his WWE future. “I’m more than willing to just see what happens, see how it plays out.”

In his closing comments, he added, “To the WWE Universe I would say, I’m the Stinger an it feels good to finally be here with WWE. And I promise you it will be showtime if I ever get to step foot into the ring, in a WWE ring that is, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you.”

You can see the interview below.