Stephanie McMahon cashes in $1.4 million in WWE stocks


WWE’s new Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, sold another 96,162 shares of her WWE stock in a transaction dated yesterday, December 4, according to the latest SEC filing.

McMahon sold 42,783 shares on Monday at $14.68 each, another 5,788 also on Monday at $15.32 each, 27,998 shares on Tuesday at $14.50 each and an additional 19,593 shares yesterday at $14.42 each. McMahon cashed in just over $1.4 million with these transactions.

After all these transactions, Stephanie owns just 51,945 shares excluding those owned by her husband. In the filing report she’s listed only as Stephanie Levesque.

All her filings with the SEC are public records and can be accessed at