Stephanie McMahon announces an all-female Royal Rumble match


Standing in the middle of the ring surrounded by the female Superstars of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that at the Royal Rumble, the women will once again make history with the first-ever women’s Rumble match.

The Rumble match will add to a list of firsts from the women, who over the past year had their own Hell In A Cell and Money In The Bank matches. Stephanie mentioned the “this is hope” chants that fans in Abu Dhabi chanted when Sasha Banks wrestled Alexa Bliss on the tour a few weeks ago, becoming the first two female WWE Superstars to wrestle in the very strict country.

“The chant was ‘this is hope’ and all of you have inspired people all over the world with your courage, with your passion and with your unbridled talent,” McMahon said. “But that’s not enough. What do you say ladies, you make history once again?”

It’s still unclear if this Rumble match will feature 30 Superstars or less but at the moment as things stand, there are not 30 females on the main roster so if they’re going with 30, they have to get outside talent or bring some from NXT. The current champions will also probably not participate in the match.