Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan nearly come to blows at Clash of Champions


Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan will have some explaining to do as the duo butted heads last night at Clash of Champions over disagreements with pinfalls during the Owens/Zayn vs Orton/Nakamura match.

The climax of their disagreements came after Owens pushed Bryan over Shane McMahon who was counting the pin for Orton after delivering the RKO on Sami Zayn. Bryan broke the count inadvertently and McMahon was pissed off, and so was Orton.

After Orton and Zayn traded some pin attempts between each other with McMahon and Bryan counting at a time, Zayn had the three-count but McMahon stopped the count at two. Daniel Bryan was not impressed and went face-to-face with his “boss.” When Zayn went for a rollup on Orton, Bryan hit the three count super fast and McMahon’s attempt to block the count was late.

The fans chanted “Yep!” with Owens and Zayn as the Smackdown General Manager looked on from the aisle. The win means that Owens and Zayn will keep their job.