Stardust and Eden crash Stephen Amell’s panel at Dallas Comic Con


WWE Superstar Stardust crashed the Stephen Amell panel yesterday at the Dallas Comic Con to further their storyline which is apparently leading to a singles match between the two at WrestleMania.

The back story about Stardust’s appearance involved handing over the Slammy Award that Amell won to raffle it of to benefit WWE fan Elijah “Drax Shadow” Mainville’s battle with cancer. Stardust’s wife, WWE ring announcer Eden Styles was accompanying him and replaced the moderator during the Q&A session.

After Stardust handed over the Slammy Award to Amell, Stardust picked up a glass of water and threw it in Amell’s face. Eden also followed suit, throwing a second glass of water in Amell’s face.

The two were set to appear at The Heroes & Villains Fan Fest convention at the Meadownlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, however the event was canceled. You can see the video of Stardust and Eden crashing the party and throwing water in Amell’s face below.