Sports teams play Fandango’s theme for fans in stadiums


Sports teams are jumping on the Fandango bandwagon, playing the WWE theme song in stadiums prior or after matches after a lot of requests from fans.

In England, Everton, Wolves, and Blackpool played the song for their fans at football (soccer) stadiums while Rangers in Scotland also did the same this weekend.

In the United States, the Kansas City Royals played Fandango’s theme at the conclusion of their game on April 10.

Some of the official Twitter accounts of the teams also tweeted that they played the song.

“@WWE @WWEFandango Yes, we can and yes, we did,” said the Kansas City Royals Twitter account last week after the game ended. The yes we can and yes we did refers to Fandango asking fans to say his name and sing/play his song.

“@WWEFandango We just played your theme over the PA system before today’s match at Ibrox. @TheDrewMcIntyre & @WadeBarrett will be jealous,” said the Twitter of the Rangers football club in Scotland.

WWE travels to Europe on Wednesday for the usual post-WrestleMania Revenge tour and you can bet that the Fandango Revolution will continue considering it was mostly European fans who started all this on that wild night on RAW in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the term “Fandangoing” has been added to the popular website with the description, “The act of humming or singing the entrance theme song of WWE superstar Fandango.”