Smackdown TV report for 10/05/2013

The Smack is being laid Down for us tonight in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The first person to the ring tonight is the Big Show. Big Show is feeling bad these days. He’s been forced to knock out friends and mentors or lose his job and face financial ruin. He claims a giant can’t find work anywhere but the WWE (he forgot about TNA, ROH, Mexico, Japan, the circus), so he does what he’s told, even though he hates it. He even threatened to knock out HHH last week, and as a result, he has to face the Shield in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

Show tells us that he’s going to take all his rage out on the Shield tonight, and that he has become a borderline lunatic giant. HHH comes out to berate Big Show for his remarks, and his threat to knock HHH out. He also tells Big Show that HHH now owns Big Show’s mortgage, not the bank, so he’d better stay in line.

Finally, HHH tells him that since Big Show is now a “borderline lunatic giant”, maybe he should not be putting the Shield in such a dangerous situation. HHH adds Randy Orton to the match, making it a 4 on 1 handicap match.


Match #1: Fandango versus Rob Van Dam.

Fandango starts the match off with a few punches and an elbow. RVD responds with several punches and a monkey flip. Fandango backdrops RVD out to the edge of the ring apron, and then knocks him to the floor.


RVD lands a thrust kick from the second rope. RVD takes Fandango down with a clothesline and then a spin kick. RVD hits Fandango with rolling thunder and then climbs to the top rope. Summer Rae trips RVD up but gets caught by the ref; RVD wins by DQ. Fandango attacks RVD after the match and plants him with a suplex driver.

Fandango looks under the ring for something to attack RVD with, but gets distracted by Ricardo. RVD hits Fandango with a dropkick and follows up with a slingshot DDT. RVD goes under the ring and retrieves a trash can. RVD sets the trash can up in front of Fandango’s face and hits him with a coast to coast dropkick-known as the Van Terminator. Ricardo retrieves the trash can, which was split down the middle from the impact.


Match #2: Ryback versus R Truth. The two men lock up and engage in some pushing. Ryback picks up Truth and slams him into the corner. Truth lands a series of strikes and Ryback retreats to the floor. Paul Heyman tries to motivate Ryback and tells him that Truth is a bully, like CM Punk.

Ryback knocks Truth down and then military presses him. Truth slips out and lands a lot of punches and a kick. Truth knocks Ryback down with a missile dropkick but misses with a scissors kick. Ryback flattens Truth with a clothesline and then drops him with Shell Shock for the win.

After the match, Curtis Axel enters the ring to deliver another beating to R Truth. Axel will be putting his IC title on the line Sunday against R Truth.

Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio and asks him if he’s concerned that the hardcore rules stipulation for their upcoming PPV favors RVD. Alberto claims it does not, but before he can finish, someone hands Del Rio the trash can that RVD destroyed by kicking it into Fandango’s face. Alberto leaves upset.

Match #3: Alberto Del Rio versus Dolph Ziggler.

The two men lock up and Ziggler goes for a quick roll up. Alberto escapes and rolls to the floor. Alberto hits Dolph with several headbutts. Alberto goes for a tilt a whirl backbreaker but Dolph slips out and counters with a dropkick.


Alberto has Dolph in a headlock. Dolph escapes but Alberto quickly knocks him back down and applies a chin lock. Dolph punches his way out and hits Alberto with a sunset flip. Dolph follows up with a dropkick but then misses a charge in the corner. Alberto drops Dolph with a suplex and follows up by snapping his neck down across the top rope. Alberto climbs to the top, but Dolph cuts him off and nails him with a top rope face plant.

The two men exchange a series of strikes until Dolph finally gets the upper hand and takes Alberto down with a neckbreaker. Dolph knocks Alberto down with a clothesline, Alberto responds with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Alberto climbs to the top and goes for a flying crossbody, but Dolph hits him in midair with a dropkick. Alberto grabs Dolph’s arm and slams it down across his knees.

Alberto hits Dolph with an enzuigiri and sets him up for a superplex. Dolph blocks the superplex and takes Alberto down to the mat with a sunset flip/powerbomb from the top. Dolph goes for a cover and gets only two. Dolph applies a sleeper hold, but Alberto escapes by running Dolph into the corner. Alberto climbs to the top rope and hits Dolph with a double stop to the back.

Dolph lands a kick, Alberto responds with an attempt at applying the cross armbreaker. Dolph blocks the hold and hits Alberto with a famouser! (I think that used to be spelled Fame-asser when Mr. Ass did it.) Dolph goes for a cover but Alberto kicks out. Alberto goes for the armbreaker again and gets it this time. Dolph taps out, Alberto wins.


Match #4: 3MB versus Los Matadors with El Torito.

3MB wants revenge for their recent defeat at the hands of the Matadors and their little bull. They almost sound like they think he is a real bull. Los Matadors look good in their SmackDown debut. 3MB didn’t put up much of a match, but Los Matadors (who are very difficult to tell apart) win the match with their finisher: a double wrist lock Samoan Drop.

After the match, Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman. Heyman predicts victory for Curtis Axel in his IC match with R Truth. Heyman also insists Ryback will defeat CM Punk, and that Heyman is Punk’s “Lord, Master, and Owner. And the Best In The World!”


Match #5: Aksana versus Brie Bella.

Brie starts things off with a dropkick and a running knee to Aksana. Aksana trips Brie into the ropes, stomps on her, and hits her with an elbow drop. Aksana hits Brie with a kick; Brie retaliated with a couple punches. Aksana picks Brie up and slams her into the corner. Brie hits Aksana with a face-plant from the top rope for the win.

After the match, AJ comes out with Tamina to taunt Brie. AJ tells Brie that she is going to do the same thing to her that Randy Orton is going to do to Daniel Bryan. After the match, AJ says Brie and Bryan should just leave, go off, get married and have an ugly goat faced baby. AJ concludes by saying that when their ugly baby is born, the Doctor will slap Brie.


Match #6: Big E Langston versus Kofi Kingston.

Big E starts off strong with a beat down and a belly to belly suplex. Kofi responds with a kick to the head followed by a pendulum kick in the corner. Kofi climbs to the top rope and hits Big E with a crossbody, but Big E catches him. Kofi slips out of Big E’s grip and rolls him up for the win!!

After the match, the Wyatt family comes out. Bray Wyatt delivers a cryptic and creepy speech as Harper and Rowen appear behind Kofi in the darkness. Bray reminds us to follow the buzzards, and SmackDown very suddenly goes to commercial.


We see a recap of the Rhodes family’s recent problems in the WWE. The Shield is introduced for the last match.

Match #7: The Big Show versus the Shield and Randy Orton in a 4 on 1 handicap match.

Dean Ambrose starts things off against the Big Show and gets nowhere against him. Ambrose gets hit with a headbutt, a bodyslam, a lot of punches to the gut before tagging in Seth Rollins. Rollins lands a kick, but then just gets manhandled like Ambrose did.

Rollins tags in Roman Reigns, and Reigns also gets beat down. Reigns tags in Orton, and Orton manages to land a couple kicks before getting smacked around by the Big Show. Big Show chops Orton in the chest after shushing the crowd. Orton tags in Rollins and Rollins hits Show with a flying knee to the head from the top rope. Big Show gets knocked down to his knees and Rollins hits him with several big boots to the face. Rollins tags in Orton and Orton stomps on Big Show repeatedly.

Orton hits Big Show with an elbow drop, but Show gets back up. Show grabs Orton by the throat to set up a choke slam, but Orton blocks it and DDT’s the Big Show. Orton tags in Reigns, and Reigns puts Big Show in a tight chin lock. Big Show looks like he may be going to sleep, but he escapes by suplexing Reigns. Big Show spears Roman Reigns but has the pinfall attempt thwarted by Roman’s team mates.

All four men beat Big Show down, but he is eventually able to throw them all off. After the Big Show head-butts Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose starts to beat the Big Show down with a chair. Big Show is able to disarm Ambrose, but then gets taken down by a Roman Reigns spear. The Shield pick the Big Show up so Orton can finish him off with an RKO.

Orton grabs a steel chair and wraps it around the Big Shows head, preparing to stomp the chair into his head and throat. The Usos come out to make the save and start fighting with the Shield outside the ring. Orton sets the chair up again to attack the Big Show, and the crowd is screaming YES! They are not screaming yes because they want to see Orton kill the Big Show with a chair, but because they want to see Daniel Bryan.

The chant changes to a “Daniel Bryan” chant, and the best technical wrestler in the world (Daniel Bryan) runs out to the ring to save the Big Show. Bryan attacks Orton and hits him with a lot of punches and kicks. Orton does manage to land a kick, but Bryan lands a lot more before applying the Yes lock!

Dean Ambrose runs in to save Orton, and Orton makes his escape. Bryan hits Ambrose in the head with a kick, and then knocks him out with a running knee to the head. Randy Orton retreats further up the ramp; Daniel Bryan and the crowd celebrate with a hearty “YES!!” chant as SmackDown goes off the air.

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