Hulk Hogan pulls off Miley Cyrus impersonation for new web hosting service


Hulk Hogan is adding web hosting to his growing list of ventures with launching in 26 days.

The most interesting thing about this new hosting service however is not any of the plans – which have not been revealed yet – but the commercial to plug

The Hulkster does his best impersonation of Miley Cyrus and her very successful – for obvious reasons – Wrecking Ball music video, hitting a guy with his leg while swinging on a wrecking ball showing off his pythons…

…but that’s not all he shows! As Hogan continues to swing, the camera pans to a wider shot to show Hogan in a black thong as he laughs while his WCW theme song blares in the background.

You gotta give it to Hogan, this was actually quite funny! You can check the video out below.