Smackdown TV report for 10/07/2022

Smackdown opens with Triple H in the ring. He welcomes everyone to Fox and the season premiere of Friday Night Smackdown. Roman Reigns and the Bloodline then come out.

As the Bloodline continue to pose and walk to the ring, Michael Cole announces his new commentary partner Wade Barrett.

Roman asks Worcester to acknowledge him and Logan Paul’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

Roman says this is his show and that means this is a safe place come in the ring they want to hear what he has to say. The crowd start chanting “Logan sucks.” Roman then tells Paul not to worry as they did the same thing to him years ago and now he is the greatest ever.

Paul Heyman then tells Paul that he is this generation’s Mr. T and Cindy Lauper. Heyman continued naming people who wouldn’t have the guts to fight Roman Reigns. Heyman then says Paul is going to have a breathing tube and a catheter after his match with Roman Reigns and he hopes they put those tubes in the right places.

Paul asks when Heyman said he is going to get smashed in the face by the Tribal Chief did he mean Roman Reigns or Jey Uso? Jey then went crazy yelling at him. And Roman stared at Jey, as Sami Zayn gets the microphone and gets in between Roman and Jey and tells them to take a deep breath, reminds Roman he is the head of the table and the Tribal Chief and no one here is challenging that.

Sami says that they have a saying, you are the 2’s and we are the ones and Paul is the biggest 2 of them all. Roman is seen chuckling when he said that.

Ricochet VS. Solo Sikoa

As Ricochet got in the ring and did his back flip, Sikoa attacks Ricochet. Sikoa catches Ricochet out of his 450 splash and hits the spinning Sikoa.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

In the back they show the Bloodline in the locker room with Sami Zayn saying he has taken Sikoa under his wing. Jey Uso stops him saying that Solo is their brother and Sami says you don’t have to be such a hot head and Jey begins yelling at Sami until Roman looks over and says you are a hot head. He tells Jey he always have been a hot head and they have dealt with it their whole lives and he is tired of dealing with it and it is not his problem anymore. He tells Zayn that now it’s his problem. Sami just looks nervous and says ok.

The Usos and Sami are walking in the back and run into the New Day. They say you go from being main event Jey Uso to Sami Zayn is your boss. Then Sami tells them to go find a partner and they will settle this in the ring.

Hit Row come out to the ring and three masked men attack them. Zelina Vega attacks B Fab. Zelina gets the microphone and the three men unmasked: its Legado Del Fantasma!

Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez VS. Sonya Deville & Xia Li

Raquel hits the powerbomb and got the win for her team

Winners: Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez

Karrion Kross comes out and as they finish doing their entrance, Drew McIntyre is shown behind Kross and attacks Kross and brings a strap. He attempts to tie the strap to Kross and security come out and pull McIntyre out of the ring. McIntyre takes care of all the security and Kross rolls out of the ring and pulls the strap attached to Drew’s wrist right against the ring post. Kross then continues to whip Drew with the strap. Kross then leaves Drew laying in pain and Kross smiles as he and Scarlett walk away.

Sami Zayn & The Usos VS. The New Day & Braun Strowman

During the match Jey and Sami argue, Jimmy tries to calm them down, but Kofi makes the tag to Strowman. As Sami and Jey argue on the floor, Strowman tags out to Kofi and Strowman ran around and took them out right into the commentary table. Michael Cole is taken out, laying on the ground yelling “oh my God!” Then as those two are laid out at ringside, the New Day double team Jimmy for the win.

Winners: The New Day and Braun Strowman

Maxine is in the back yelling at Max Dupri and Max said I gave you all a chance and I am no Max, I am L. A. Knight.

Gunther VS. Sheamus for the Intercontinental Championship

The Brawling Brutes and Imperium come back to ringside fighting and Gunther is handed Sheamus’ shillelagh by Kaiser and as the referee had her back turned to the fight outside, Gunther hits Sheamus with the shillelagh for the win.

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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