Smackdown TV report for 09/03/2015

Smackdown TV Report for September 2nd, 2015 – “Fair Warning”

Introduction Segment: Welcoming and Arena Promo

The regular Smackdown video plays and Rich Brennan, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jimmy Uso greet us from Miami, Florida.

The New Day’s music hits and the Tag-Team Champions walk out bearing the signs “#Save the tables,” “#Give tables a chance,” “Broken wood is not good,” and “#Booty.” Xavier Woods, Big E., and Kofi Kingston put over the many uses for a table and engage the fans in a “save the tables” chant.

Their table-happy opponents, The Dudley Boyz answer them on the stage. They want to go against The New Day for the Tag-Team Championships; before they go further, The PrimeTime Players interject and declare that The Brothers half to “go to the back of the line” as Young and O’Neil have not gotten their rematch yet. This goes into…

Match #1: Tag-Team – The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) VS. The Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil)

(Note: New Day are on commentary, and are awesome!) D-Von and Darren start out, trading covers and elbows. All four then face off before the break.


Young rolls-up D-Von as we come back but only gets a one or two-count. D-Von clamps on an armlock, then tags in Bubba. Darren armdrags Bubba, then they lockup, and Young armdrags him again. Ray shoves Darren into the corner, but Young turns it around into fists. Bubba elbows out of the opposite corner and backdrops Young as D-Von gives Darren a neckbreaker at the same time. D-Von is now in and gives Young a running knee then wears him down with a chinlock. Darren battles out but is clotheslined quickly for two! Bubba is back in and elbows Young, but is given an enziguri. Darren manages the hot-tag to Titus, but his comeback doesn’t last long as The Dudleys catch him with the 3-D and D-Von covers for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Post-match, Kofi sneaks in and slaps D-Von from behind, then joins his New Day partners as they hike to the back with their bubble-wrapped table.

Later tonight, The Miz will have Dolph Ziggler and Lana on MizTV; and Neville takes on Stardust!


Segment #2: Backstage Promo

The New Day are walking through the hallway, with Woods playing the trombone. They walk into Rene Young, who is impressed with their antics and ask them about their match later tonight. The trio seem to know nothing about a match, but Rene confirms they will be wrestling Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. None of them look pleased.

Match #2: Single – Stardust VS. Neville

As Neville is making his entrance, The Ascension attacks him. Connor and Viktor throw “The Man That Gravity Forgot” into the ring and all three beat down on him. Stardust announces he has enlisted the help of the tag-team.

Winner: No Contest due to No Official Start

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Jojo interviews Cesaro about his bout with Sheamus later. He claims that he will beat Sheamus, until “Mr. Money In The Bank” himself interrupts. Sheamus puts down Cesaro as not winning and disappointing his fans, but Cesaro pokes back and agrees with the fans with the phrase “you look stupid.”


Match #3: Single – Sheamus VS. Cesaro

Before the contest, the fans call out “you look stupid” to Sheamus, and he takes umbrage. Cesaro takes him to the ring and takes over quickly. He messes up Sheamus’ mohawk and gives him a suplex. Sheamus regains control and runs Cesaro into the turnbuckle/ringpost.


Sheamus is still punishing Cesaro, focusing on the taped-up rib area. He rips at his jaw with a facelock, but Cesaro reverses it into a backdrop. Sheamus slugs back quickly, but Cesaro counters and hits rapid uppercuts in the corner! Sheamus punches Cesaro off the turnbuckle and is sitting atop it, but Cesaro counters with a dropkick that sends Cesaro tumbling to the floor. Cesaro follows with another uppercut to Sheamus against the corner of the barricade. He then soars off the top turnbuckle with a crossbody for a near-fall!

“Mr. Money In The Bank” reverses an Irish Whip in the corner and rams his shoulder into Cesaro’s gut. He gives him the Irish Curse backbreaker and then locks him in the Cloverleaf. Cesaro struggles, but reverses into a pin combo for two! He then reverses another move into the crossface, but Sheamus punches out. Cesaro hits a double foot-stomp then knees him in the corner. Sheamus suddenly manages the Brogue Kick out of the corner and gets the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus

Backstage, The Miz is shown getting a drink from an assistant, and will be out next for MizTV!


Segment #4: Arena Promo

The Miz is in the ring and goes into Dolph and Lana’s storyline with Rusev and Summer Rae; he refers to this as “Days Of Our Lives.” Replays of their interactions from Monday’s Raw are shown. Instead of Lana and Dolph though, he calls out Summer Rae to talk to him first.

She obliges and joins The Miz in the ring. He asks for her side of the story, which starts out as the same explanation she gave on Monday; however she also admits that she lied, and there is “more.” She says that Dolph also kissed Summer during their meeting, and she tears up in shame, saying that Dolph “seduced” her.

Dolph and Lana now walk out, and The Miz tries to get some order. he questions Ziggler, who says that he and Lana “trust each other.” Rae interjects and claims that she and Dolph “have had a thing on and off for a while now.” She shows video from June 2014 of her and Dolph smooching after she dumped Fandango. Summer aggravates Lana more, who then tackles Summer and they scrap for a few seconds. Lana and Dolph march to the back, while Summer yells “you bitch, you can’t handle the truth!”


Match #4: Single – R-Truth VS. Bo Dallas

Dallas is aggressive early with shots in the corner. R-Truth fires back with a legsweep and hits of his own. Bo counters with a backdrop then knees Truth in the head. He gives R another backdrop, then clutches on a grounding chinlock. Truth clotheslines back a couple times and hits a jumping calf-kick, but only gets two!

He measures Bo in the corner but misses the splash; Bo capitalizes with a spinning-suplex-neckbreaker using the ropes, and takes it!

Winner via Pinfall: Bo Dallas

Post-match, Dallas continues to punish Truth and gives him the finisher again.

Segment #5: Video Promo

The Raw Replay is aired, featuring The Beat-The-Clock Challenge and Charlotte becoming #1 Contender to Nikki’s Divas Championship.

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Team P.C.B. walks in with Rene Young; Charlotte, Paige, and Becky are all happy that Charlotte will be facing Nikki at Night Of Champions. Charlotte does put over Nikki as her opponent but is interjected by the champion, her sister Brie, and Alicia Fox. Nikki insists that she will break the record of Divas Championship reigns, but Charlotte reveals that she asked The Authority to face Nikki for the title before the record-breaking day, and they agreed! Nikki is not happy.


Match #5: Single – Tamina (with Team B.A.D. partners Naomi) VS. Charlotte (with Team P.C.B. partners Paige and Becky Lynch)

They lockup and are pretty even until Tamina gives Charlotte a hard clothesline. She chokes her in the corner with her boot, then whips her into the corner. Charlotte hits back with a big boot as P & B cheer on. Charlotte chops away on Tamina and spears her. She plants her with The Natural Selection for completion!

Winner via Pinfall: Charlotte (with Team P.C.B. partners Paige and Becky Lynch)


Segment #7: Video Promo

Another Raw Replay airs, featuring Sting and WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins.

Segment #8: Backstage Promo

Rene Young asks Kevin Owens what is coming up for him as he has now pinned Cesaro twice. Owens wants to take on all the people who have bullied him for his body-shape, and asks them to “feed me more,” insinuating his new feud with Intercontinental Champion Ryback.)

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns make their entrance for the main-event next!


Match #6: Tag-Team – Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns VS. Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E.) (with Tag-Team Champion/New Day partner Xavier Woods)

Dean and Kofi begin with a Test-Of-Strength stance, but Kofi kicks out of it. Dean locks Kofi in a standing headlock and gives him a shoulder block. He scoop-slams Kingston. Big E. is in but is double-suplexed by Reigns and Ambrose, then Reigns kicks away at him in the corner. Big E. counters with a belly-to-belly, then both he and Kofi trade kicks in the corner, as Xavier plays the trombone on the outside!

Kofi works on Roman with an arm/chinlock, then corners Reigns with Big E, who clotheslines him in another corner. Reigns counters a run with a clothesline, then makes the tag to Dean! He semi-crossbodies Big E, then gives him a forearm and bulldog from the corner. Reigns comes in and clotheslines Kofi harshly, then they double-clothesline Big E. to the floor. Dean follows with a dive off the top turnbuckle to all of New Day!


Kofi is back in control, locking Ambrose in a semi-Cobra Clutch. Big E. tagged and splashes Ambrose, but “The Lunatic Fringe” gets his shoulder up at two! Big gives Dean fists in the corner, but Dean gets his feet up as E. runs at him. Big tries to give Ambrose a belly-to-belly overhead from the turnbuckle, but Dean fights him off and missile dropkicks instead! He makes the tag to Reigns, who cleans house on Kofi and Big E.!

Roman winds up and signals for the Superman Punch, but Woods averts his attention, allowing Kofi to roll him up for a quick two. Ambrose back in and clotheslines E, then follows with a dive between the ropes! Roman runs at Kofi in the corner, but Kingston counters with a flip-kick using the ropes. He goes to attack Reigns, but Roman Superman Punches him. He covers, but Xavier jumps in and breaks it, causing the DQ.

Winners via Disqualification: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Post-match, they dismantle The New Day, then they challenge The Wyatt Family to meet them in the ring immediately! The Family appears on the ‘Tron, with Luke whistling. Bray is slightly amused, but is not budging as he says he is the one who controls the situation. He tells them “let’s do this at Night Of Champions; but before, it will be your doomsday. Can you hear the footsteps? The apocalypse walks among you in the form of a ‘Black Sheep.’” Strowman appears and removes his mask. The camera goes close as Braun informs Reigns and Ambrose to “run.” The show closes on that.

End Of Smackdown!

Reporter’s Rumblings

I liked this week’s Smackdown, but felt it was a little weaker than last week’s. There were some two big names missing, and bit less action, which I will get into below.

Excellence: The Dudley Boyz/New Day feud and the tag match with Dudleys/Primetime. Absolutely loving the rivalry, as both Dudleyz/New Day are bringing it on the mike and in the ring; so fun to watch!

Very intrigued by the potential new story that Owens dropped of him gong for the I.C. Title against Ryback. I believe those will be a series of hard-fought matches, much like with Cena and Cesaro.

Interested in Bo’s new hostility; this looks to be a character turn for a more harsh style and I hope they give him a new ball to run with and the fans get behind (even if he’s a heel, just boo the heck out of him). He’s very talented and underrated, so he deserves another push.

Bogus: I would’ve liked for Stardust/Neville to have an actual match, and then have the Ascension interfere just as looked like “The New Sensation” would win.

Still not digging the Rusev/Dolph/Summer/Lana storyline/feud; this needs to end soon!

Was disappointed that the Divas match was short again; they can wrestle, as proven the last few weeks, so give them more time again. If they get short-changed next week, then I’m getting really concerned.

While I liked the match between Cesaro/Sheamus, I am concerned with Cesaro losing three big matches in a row, they are going to just have him be a great-wrestler guy, but lose until Tyson Kidd is back. I believe if they let him continue to wrestle well and win, he can a main-event star by the end of the year.

Speaking of main-event guys, I would’ve liked Ryback and Seth Rollins to be on the show, especially since their champions, even just to cut a promo, to add the star power and continue/start their rivalries themselves instead of just video highlights.

The end of Smackdown! felt bland; The Wyatt’s promo was fine, but then at least one of them should’ve ended up in the ring, facing off with Ambrose and Reigns for more suspense.

All-in-all, an okay show, but let’s hope they pick it up next week! Until upcoming Monday’s Raw, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!


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