Smackdown TV report for 08/27/2015

Colin Vassallo, the editor of this website, has let me report on Smackdown now, so I thank him for giving me another opportunity in writing for his website, and to you readers and fans for continuing to read my reports. I hope you all enjoy these as well, and they will be mostly in the same format as my Raw ones; the only difference now will be my Pay-Per-View/Network Show predictions, which I will put on the Smackdown reports, in case any matches are added to those big shows later in the week after Raw.

Tonight, we will see the return of The Dudley Boyz in over 10 years to Smackdown! That is all that was announced so far, but what will go down as fallout from a major Raw storyline-wise? Starting off, The Dudleys have eyed Tag-Team Champions The New Day; how will the trio respond to their new challengers?

What does WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins and The Authority have to say or do after Sting interrupted a monumental moment in Rollins’ career? Also, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper added another member to their family on Monday; will they be on Smackdown to continue antagonizing Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?

Lastly, which direction will the Divas Revolution go in and who will get the upper-hand in the three-team war tonight?

All this and much more, so read on!

Smackdown TV Report for August 27th, 2015 – “Families Rule”

Introduction Segment: Welcoming And Recap

The regular Smackdown video plays and we are in Providence, Rhode Island! A replay of The Dudley Boyz return on Raw is aired.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

The Wyatt Family saunter out amid darkness and cell phone lights. Luke Harper begins, telling us that we should’ve been listening to Bray all along. Bray now talks about “the family” and credits “Sister Abigail” for bring him Braun Strowman. “And now, it is time; because I am ‘the new face of fear.’ Luke Harper, ‘the new face of desolation.’ And now, for the world to see, Braun Strowman, ‘the new face of destruction.’” Strowman unmasks and smiles menacingly.

Roman Reigns’ music plays and he, along with Dean Ambrose, comes through the fans. “It is what it is Bray; your biggin’ right there, whooped our ass Monday on Raw. So if we’re going down, we’re going down swinging.” They climb in the ring and face off with The Family. Strowman, Bray, and Harper back away and up the aisle.

Rich Brennan is filling in for Tom Phillips on commentary tonight, and as Jimmy Uso and Jerry Lawler welcome him, they announce Sheamus taking on Dean Ambrose later tonight, and up next, The Dudley Boyz are back in action!


Match #1: Tag-Team – The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) VS. The Ascension (Connor and Viktor)

Connor and Bubba begin with a lockup. Bubba pushes Connor into the corner, then yells “Do you know who we are? We’re The Dudley Boyz and we’re back!” Connor lamely fires back “we don’t care, we’re The Ascension.”

Both teams trade tags and The Dudleyz double-team Viktor with a side-slam and jumping elbow. Bubba hits Viktor with a Bionic Elbow, then the “brothers” deliver What’s Up! Bubba and the crowd order D-Von to get the tables, but Connor clotheslines D-Von on the outside as he was getting the table. In the ring, Viktor takes down Bubba and The Ascension take control.

D-Von regains momentum on Connor, and double-clotheslines both Ascension members. He fives Bubba and the pair deliver the 3-D on Viktor! They cover and receive the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Post-match, The Dudleyz collect a table when Tag-Team Champions The New Day come out and protest them, with signs such as “save a table, break a Dudley,” “booty,” and “#give tables a chance.” Bubba and D-Von don’t seem to care, as they proceed to double-powerbomb Connor off the turnbuckle through the table!


Match #2: Single – Neville VS. Kevin Owens

Lockup and standing side headlock starts out by Neville. Owens clutches the long hair of Neville to break the submission and backs away in the corner, but is quickly flipped with a hurricanrana. On the outside, Owens clotheslines Neville harshly, then plants him with a tornado torture rack-neckbreaker in the ring for a two-count!


Owens has a grounding headlock clamped on Neville, which “The Man That Gravity Forgot” battles out of. He rapidly kicks Owens a lot, then springs off the top rope with a front-dropkick. Neville flips over a backdrop and German-Suplexes Kevin, then superkicks him on the outside. He climbs the turnbuckle, but Kevin hops to his feet before The Red Arrow. Owens kicks Neville hard and finishes this one with the Pop-Up Powerbomb!

Winner via Pinfall: Kevin Owens

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Becky Lynch and Charlotte are chatting when The Bella Twins walk up. They try to put a wedge in Team P.C.B. by talking about Paige not being there for them tonight, but Charlotte fires back reminding them of Nikki’s betrayal of Brie at SummerSlam last year. Charlotte tells them they’ll meet them in the ring as P.C.B. walk away. The Bellas follow, discussing the comments.


Match #3: Tag-Team – Team P.C.B. (Charlotte and Becky Lynch) VS. Team Bella (Divas Champion Nikki and Brie)

(Note: Team B.A.D. – Tamina, Sasha Banks, and Naomi – are on commentary.) Elbow/collar tie-up between Nikki and Charlotte begins, then Charlotte tags in Becky for a double-dropkick. The Bellas hit a double-slam, but Lynch gets up and drops her leg a few times on Brie then switches with Charlotte, who misses with a knee drop.

Brie yanks back on Charlotte’s left leg with a lock, then hammers away on her back. Charlotte counters a corner run with an elbow then dumps Brie to the floor. Charlotte tries to tag Becky, but has to duck Nikki first, who tumbles through the ropes. She still yanks Becky off the apron, but Charlotte rolls up Nikki with her Charlotte’s Web for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Team P.C.B. (Charlotte and Becky Lynch)


Segment #4: Arena Promo

Picture clips from SummerSlam of the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championship match are shown. WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins then walks to the ring. He rips the crowd for not knowing what “greatness” is, then recounts his accomplishments of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania after cashing in his Money In The Bank Briefcase, as well as being both the United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He promotes himself more, saying Hollywood should take notice now and create a “biopic” on him. Rollins then goes to the ‘Tron to show Sting’s return from Monday.

He claims Sting is jealous because he’s had more in this year than Sting has in his career. Seth insists he is not afraid of Sting, but the other way around. Rollins reveals it was him who wanted to face Sting at Night Of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as “I will finish the job that Triple H started at WrestleMania when I crush your old bones to dust.” Rollins holds his championships high and poses for the crowd.

Segment #5: Backstage Promo

Jojo is with Sheamus, talking about his match with Dean Ambrose. Sheamus threatens to “Brogue Kick his floppy-haired mush right off his shoulders.” Sheamus reminds be taking on us about his briefcase and the significance it holds. “It is what it is.”

Intercontinental Champion Ryback makes his entrance and will be teaming with Dolph Ziggler to take on The Big Show and Rusev, next!


Match #4: Tag-Team – Intercontinental Champion Ryback and Dolph Ziggler (with Lana) VS. The Big Show and Rusev (with Summer Rae)

Show and Ryback begin with Show slugging Ryback with fists in the corner. Ryback hits back with many kicks, but both run into each other off the ropes. Big headbutts Ryback and clutches him for a Chokeslam, but Ryback hops out and leaps with a shoulder-tackle. He gears up for the Meathook Clothesline, but has to knock Rusev off the apron first. Show puts Ryback to the canvas, then Rusev tags himself in.


Rusev is dominating Ryback and doesn’t want to let Big Show in. He stomps hard on Ryback, then drops an elbow. He goes to tag Show but backs away again and continues to work over Ryback. He gives him a hard short-arm elbow, then a big fist to Dolph on the apron. The IC champ manages a spinebuster to for a break; both get to the tag.

Dolph hits a couple big dropkicks and a splash in the corner, but is caught on a second try. Dolph counters into a DDT and hits a superkick for a near-fall! Big blocks another kick and tries a chokeslam, but Ziggler jumps out of it. He tries a Fameasser, but Show uses his strength and slams him hard to the mat. He hits the Knockout Punch, but Rusev slaps Show to come in. He knocks Ryback off the apron then puts The Accolade on Dolph. It is suddenly broken by Big Show with the Knockout Punch on Rusev! Show walks away as “The Show Off” wakes up and covers to take it!

Winners via Pinfall: Intercontinental Champion Ryback and Dolph Ziggler (with Lana)


Segment #6: Video Promo

The Raw Rebound, featuring Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Jon Stewart, Ric Flair, and John Cena is shown.

Segment #7: Locker Room Promo

Dean Ambrose is talking about The Wyatt Family while Roman Reigns is telling him to focus on Sheamus, and he will look out for The Family.

Sheamus makes his entrance for our main-event, next!


Match #5: Single – Sheamus VS. Dean Ambrose

“Mr. Money In The Bank” is all over Ambrose right away with punches, kicks, and a clothesline. He tosses Ambrose to the announce table area, but Dean slams him off the table and around the barricade. He hops on the table and leaps with a clothesline/fist combination, but is chucked harshly into the corner of the barrier, then slammed onto the table.


Sheamus knees Dean as he is prone between the top and middle ropes. He picks up Ambrose and places his left leg behind his neck, but Dean sits up and punches away. Sheamus reverses into a powerbomb for a two-count. Sheamus rips at Ambrose’s nose, then hits 10 Beats Of The Bowron.

“The Lunatic Fringe” does the same, but is bounced off the apron with a jawbreaker. He hits back with a clothesline from the apron. In the ring, he gives Sheamus fast fists, then clotheslines him in the corner and follows with a bulldog. He moves out of the corner, which sends Sheamus into the ring post and to the outside. Dean runs with a dive between the ropes to the outside, then soars off the top turnbuckle with an elbow!

Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick but is rolled up for two. Ambrose rips off his shirt and wants to go for Dirty Deeds, but The Wyatt’s video interrupts and the lights go out. They come on and The Family is surrounding the ring, which distracts Dean and allows Sheamus to hit him with The Brogue Kick for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus

Post-match, Strowman, Bray, and Luke hover over an out-cold Dean. Roman Reigns’ music hits again and he takes out Harper first, then squares off with Braun in the ring. he slaps him first, but is quickly man-handled with one hand of Strowman and slammed. He fades Reigns with the reverse Cobra Clutch then slams him face-first to the canvas. The Wyatt Family stand over unconscious Reigns and Ambrose to close the show.

End Of Smackdown.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

I quite enjoyed my first episode of writing for Smackdown! It picked up right where Raw left off and continued along nicely, answering questions and making plans for the future. Onto my analysis:

Excellence: promos by The Wyatt Family (Harper in particular has gotten so much better on the mike in the last while), Rollins, and The Divas. Great matches between Sheamus/Ambrose, C.B. & The Bellas, and Dolph/Ryback/Rusev/Show, and Neville/Owens.

The Dudleys also look great in the ring, despite their match itself being nothing extraordinary. I loved the signs The New Day had and am quite looking forward to this feud, both with the microphone skills of all involved and the in-ring storytelling ability.

I actually was cool with Jimmy on commentary this week; over the last while, I have found him usually too over the top as putting the matches or wrestlers over, but he was much more calm this show. If he stays this way, I’ll be ok with him; but if he goes too goofy on trying to get people excited or believing in the action/wrestlers, then he has to be off commentary, as he has been too much of a distraction overall. I understand it’s probably due to his injury that he’s in this position, but they could find something else, such as accompanying Jey to the ring and keeping The Usos together fresh in mind.

Braun Strowman is an awesome addition to The Wyatt Family and has ignited this feud again; I can see Erik coming back and siding with Reigns/Ambrose for a Six-Man Tag at one point in the next few months to keep this going.

Rollins was wonderful on the mike tonight and if he beats Sting at Night Of Champions, that will solidify him even more as a great WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a true main-eventer. He has done a fantastic job since winning the title and I would love to see him have it until they build up a new star that can really take it from him and the fans would get behind. My two choices would be Cesaro or Neville, but I think they need to have them pushed even more for a few more months; perhaps Rollins and one of those two at WrestleMania?

Bogus: again, too many tag matches like Raw. While they were well performed, I do like my singles, so let’s have a few more mixed in.

Not buying Sheamus as a MITB winner and he seems stale with this gig; I easily see him cashing in and losing.

I think they needed to build up the Show/Rusev split a little longer; they looked like an OK tag-team, so for them to already have problems and separate was a little rushed.

All-in-all, a very good show; let’s hope next week’s are even better! Until Raw, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and fans!

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