Smackdown TV report for 07/22/2022

Arena: TD Garden
City: Boston, MA

Smackdown opens with Stephanie McMahon, who welcomes everyone to Friday Night Smackdown and talks about the earlier announcement that Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE, the company that he built. He wanted her to make sure he sincerely thanks the WWE Universe and all the employees of WWE over the years and then a “Thank You Vince” chant started.

The Street Profits then come out through the WWE Universe. They talk about being ready for SummerSlam and the Street Profits are up and “We want the smoke.”

Theory interrupts and says no one cares what they are doing at SummerSlam, they only care about what he is doing at SummerSlam.

As Theory continued saying he doesn’t care who he cashes in on, The Usos interrupt him. They tell Theory if he keeps saying the Tribal Chief’s name, he isn’t even going to make it to SummerSlam to which Montez began laughing

Theory turns to him and says, “The only thing that there is to laugh about is you and your wife both walking out of Summer Slam with no titles!”

Montez said he is about to get these hands in Boston and Theory ducks and Ford hits the Usos and the fight between The Usos and Street Profits ensue.

Theory jumps in and starts kicking Dawkins and Madcap Moss comes it to help the Street Profits.

Moss and the Street Profits then clear the ring of Theory and the Usos and Moss whips Dawkins into the far ropes and Ford holds the top rope down and Dawkins flies over the ropes onto all three on the floor and jumps up and goes back in the ring to celebrate with Ford and Moss.

Shinsuke Nakamura VS. Ludwig Kaiser

Shinsuke goes for a roll up, but Kaiser kicks out and Shinsuke gets hit by Gunther who was at ringside and Kaiser grabs Shinsuke and hit DDT for the win.

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser

After the match, Ludwig gets another chop and yelled at by Gunther.

Liv Morgan was getting interviewed by Kayla Braxton and Ronda Rousey interrupted and Rousey told Liv she liked her and respected her, but she will beat her at SummerSlam.

As they go back to ringside, Happy Corbin attacks Pat McAfee again. McAfee then runs after Corbin to the back Corbin tried to hit him with a chair, but Pat ducks and a fight began with officials quickly breaking it up.

Back in the ring, Pat McAfee he says he only has one thing to say to Bum Ass Corbin before he joins Cole back at the announce table. He said he is going to put him down at SummerSlam.

Jinder Mahal & Shanky VS. The Viking Raiders

The New Day are at the announce Table

After getting beat down by both Vikings, Jinder finally got in a superkick but Ivar dropped down on him with all his weight and Jinder rolled out of the ring. Ivar followed and continued to hammer on Jinder and threw him into the ring steps then threw Jinder on the New Day at ringside and Ivar rolls back in the ring as the referee counted to 10.

Winners by Count Out: The Viking Raiders

Sonya Deville came in to talk to Adam Pearce and Pearce said she is going to have a match against Raquel Rodriguez.

Sheamus came out and said his match with Drew McIntyre will not happen until the Sword is banned from ringside. Drew McIntyre comes out. There is a big box, or something covered up in the ring. Ridge is holding Butch back. Sheamus tells Ridge to take Butch out.

Drew trying to talk Sheamus into a match. Sheamus finally accepts. Just not tonight. Sheamus said he talked to WWE management and next week no DQ an Irish donnybrook match and your sword is banned from ringside. Sheamus then uncovers a table full of Shillelaghs and calls Pearce out to make the match.

Adam Pearce comes out and says it is official.

The Usos are in the back getting hyped up for the six-man tag match tonight when Paul Heyman walks in and says after you win tonight, let’s go off the air with Theory face down in the ring. And let’s not make it a prediction, it’s a spoiler.

Raquel Rodriguez VS. Sonya Deville

After Sonya had a two count, Raquel gave her a couple kicks then the powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Aliyah VS. Lacey Evans

Lacey gets the microphone and says more about being disrespected and told the referee to hold Aliyah back then attacked Aliyah with the woman’s right fist.

Winner: No Match

Kayla interviews Jeff Jarrett backstage who says it’s an honor to be the referee at SummerSlam. Jeff says he will call the match right down the middle.

The Usos & Theory VS. The Street Profits & Madcap Moss

This was a good match which unfortunately ended with a disqualification after Theory gets the briefcase and hits Madcap with it. Following the match, Theory continued to hit Madcap with the briefcase until Brock Lesnar’s music hit and came to the ring. Lesnar kicked Theory and hit the F5, then used the briefcase on him and gave Theory another F5 on the briefcase. Theory is laid out in the middle of the ring as we leave the show.

Winners: The Street Profits and Madcap Moss by DQ

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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