Smackdown TV report for 02/24/2023

Arena: Ford Center
City: Evansville, IN

Smackdown opens with a recap of the ending of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn’s Elimination Chamber match and Monday Night Raw’s interaction with Sami and Kevin Owens.

In the back, Kayla Braxton stops and interviews Jimmy Uso and Jimmy says he has not talked to Jey Uso and left a message for him to meet him in the ring tonight to get everything off his chest.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet & Madcap Moss VS. Imperium

As the battle spills outside, Gunther comes to Braun from behind and gives Braun a couple chops that had no effect. Madcap comes in and goes after Gunther but Gunther counters and powerbombs him for the win.

Winners: Imperium

During the match, Drew McIntyre comes out to look on and after the match The Viking Raiders attack Drew. Sheamus comes out and they get help from Braun and Ricochet and the Raiders go running.

Kayla interviews Rey Mysterio backstage and Rey says he is going to put an end to Karrion Kross once and for all and is interrupted by Santos Escobar who says he wants to show the WWE Universe how much he respects Rey. They get interrupted by Dominik Mysterio and Santos says he will teach Dominik respect. Rhea comes in and Santos stares at Dominik. Santos tells Rey not to let Dominik bother him and Rey says how can I not let it bother me he is my son.

Jimmy Uso is shown talking to Solo Sikoa with Paul Heyman in the background about Jey. Jimmy says he thinks Jey is spooked over this whole Sami thing and Paul says if that is the case why doesn’t Solo stay back here with me and you handle Jey…Uso to Uso…twin to twin. And Jimmy agrees.

L.A. Knight is in the ring next and says he didn’t come here to have a WrestleMania moment he came here to make money, win titles and how he is going to do that is by going to WrestleMania. He is going to give WrestleMania an L.A. Knight moment. The New Day came out. Xavier asked him how long he has been here two and a half months and who he thinks he is to demand anything.

Knight says I don’t remember calling the Nerd Day out here. Xavier says being nerds have made them a lot of money. And goes on to say WrestleMania moments are not just handed out they are earned. Xavier talked about Kofi’s WrestleMania moment and Knight asked how that worked out for you? Kofi says pretty well since I won the World title but he is not going to wait to shut Knight up tonight. Knight says if that is a challenge come on in the ring.

Xavier says Adam Pearce if you’re listening, and I know you are because you are good at your job let’s make this happen.

L.A. Knight VS. Kofi Kingston

After Knight climbed the ropes, Xavier distracted him by playing the trumpet and Kofi knocked him down off the rope and as Knight comes off the rope, Kofi lands a trouble in paradise kick and pins Knight.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Charlotte Flair comes to the ring and asks if Rhea is scared or having second thoughts about choosing her and Dominik comes out and says he is not going to let her talk Rhea down. Charlotte says this is adult time to go get his mami so they can talk. Dominik says she sounds jealous.

As Dominik goes on, Charlotte stops him and says she has a real Latino man at home who calls her mami and with a real thicker accent so she doesn’t know what Dominik is talking about. Dominik tells Charlotte they have a lot in common, she is second generation superstar, he is third, both have fathers who they are better than, and called Rey a deadbeat father again, and after the crowd boos him for several minutes Dominik continues by says after mami beats you at WrestleMania you will know that your father was right. “You are just not good enough.”

Charlotte says unlike you Dom, I love my dad. She says her Dad is 73, well 74 tomorrow, and says he can still go and if he was here he would kick your butt but since he is not here she drops the microphone and starts to take off the title. As she steps to Dominik, Rhea’s music hits.

As Rhea comes in the ring and gets in Charlotte’s face, Dominik pulls her back and they leave the ring, Charlotte holds out her arms then picks up her title and holds it in the air. Rhea comes back in the ring and Charlotte just waves at her and says “Bye Rhea” and blows her a kiss and Dominik again pulls her back and they exit the ring again.

Natalya with Tegan Nox VS. Shayna Baszler with Ronda Rousey

Natalya goes out and throws Shayna back inside and Natalya argued with Ronda and then turns to get in the ring and Shayna hits her with a knee then locks in her arm submission and Natalya taps out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

As Shayna and Ronda go to beat down Natalya more, Tegan makes the save as Shayna pulls Ronda to the back Ronda says Tegan is done next week.

Firehouse Funhouse is shown with Bray Wyatt.

Jimmy with Solo and Heyman and Heyman says he just received a text from the Tribal Chief and Jimmy needs to handle Jey tonight or he will handle him next week personally.

Rey Mysterio VS. Karrion Kross

As Rey sets Karrion up for the 619, Scarlet crawls up on the ring ropes on the opposite side and as Rey runs into the ropes, Scarlet tumbles over into the ring, Rey looks back they begins to run again, this time is pulled out of the ring by Dominik right before he hit Kross.

Dominik then tries to get Rey to hit him as Kross is in the ring recovering. As Dominik asks if Rey is going to hit him, Rey just puts his head down and slides into the ring. Rey then turns right into a forearm shot from Kross and gets locked in the Kross Jacket. The referee checks Rey and calls for the bell.

Winner: Karrion Kross

After the match, Dominik gets in the ring and kicks at Rey then tells Rey to get up and hit him. Rey gets up and Dominik pushes Rey and says what are you going to do about it and pushes Rey again. Dominik asks if Rey wants to hit him and then pushes Rey in the face. Dominik pushes Rey back with both hands into the ropes, this time Rey stands up and goes chest to chest with Dominik. Rey has his hand clenched and Dominik says be a man and do it. Rey then calms down and begins to turn. Dominik says that’s exactly what I thought, Rey turns his back to Dominik and Dominik spins Rey around and yells at Rey to DO IT. Dominik then headbutts Rey and says you’re not going to do it. And Rey says he can’t hit his son and kicks the bottom rope and slides out of the ring as Dominik yells you see this.

Jimmy Uso now in the ring and says to Jey if you’re not here I know you are out there watching somewhere and I know your turn and I know your hurting and when you hurt I hurt. I am always going to be here for you Uce, like I need you here with me now. We have a Sami Zayn problem, a Kevin Owens problem. We need to defend these tag team titles and I know you have issues with the Tribal Chief and I can’t do this alone.

Sami Zayn comes to the ring. He says he is not here to fight he is here to talk, and he is hurting because it was Jimmy who made him the honorary Uce. He is the one that believed in him before Jey. He said at the Elimination Chamber he took him down without hesitation that hurt.

As they start talking about family and Sami says family doesn’t make you prove yourself week after week to prove your worth something. Sami then tells Jimmy what he told Jey there is a way out and you don’t have to go down with the ship. As Jey arrives in the crowd, Jimmy goes right after Sami. Sami takes advantage while Jimmy was looking back at Jey and hits Jimmy with a Helluva kick. Sami then rolls out of the ring and looks at Jey as Solo Sikoa comes in the ring to assist Jimmy and Sami jumps into the crowd.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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