Smackdown! Live TV report for 01/31/2017

Following The Royal Rumble, we have a couple of new paths. I won’t spoil for those who are hoping to be surprised by just reading this report if they haven’t found out already, but both paths leave some interesting questions; one of which I’m ok with, another that I’m not so happy about. Read on to find out!

Tuesday Night Smackdown! Live Television Report for January 31, 2017 – “Multi-Person Mayhem!”

Introduction: Video Promo

A montage of The Royal Rumble, with both video and still-pictures, recaps.

Office Promo:

We cut to A.J. Styles watching on a monitor with Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan. A.J. wants to know when he’s going to get his rematch, but the men-in-charge don’t give him an answer. They move on to Elimination Chamber, and announce the participants for the Elimination Chamber WWE World Championship match – WWE World champion John Cena, A.J. Styles, Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, The Miz, and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose.

The IC champ walks in and wants to finish what he and A.J. started, this time without James Ellsworth’s interference. Styles does not want this, but Shane puts it forth.

Arena Promo:

NEW and 16-Time WWE World Champion John Cena is introduced. Commentators Mauro Ranallo, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, David Otunga, and Tom Phillips all tout his match with A.J. at Royal Rumble, and him tying Hall of Famer (2 times!) Ric Flair’s 16-time World title reigns. Cena puts over A.J., calling him “an elite WWE Superstar that brings out the absolute best in me.” He declares that he will go back to work, putting the title on the line at Elimination Chamber.

The Wyatt Family – Bray Wyatt and Royal Rumble match winner Randy Orton – interrupt. Bray prophesizes that he will become the new WWE champion at Elimination Chamber. He gives the mike to Randy, who warns Cena “we are going to end this vicious cycle and The Wyatts are going to set that championship free.”

Bray says “we’re here,” and they walk to the ring, surrounding John. The Wyatts’ video plays and the lights go out; they quickly turn back on and Luke Harper – who has been turned against his former family – is in the ring and helps Cena fend them off with a glare. Commissioner Shane comes out and books the four in a tag team match, next!


Match #1: Tag-Team – WWE World champion John Cena and Luke Harper VS. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton)

Cena and Bray start with Cena giving Wyatt a standing headlock. He shoulder-tackles Bray and tries an Attitude Adjustment, but Wyatt gets out of it and tags in Randy, who seems reluctant. Harper tags in and goes after Orton. He gets the better for a bit, even slamming Randy onto the commentator’s table!

Wyatt is back in and the two stare-down! Luke backs away and switches with Cena, who is puzzled. Bray tries to slug, but John fights back until he is elbowed down. both Bray and Randy start to control the WWE World Champion.


The Wyatt Family are still governing, with Bray senton-splashing John in the ring. Orton is back in, driving him to the canvas with the Draping DDT! He gears up for the R.K.O., but Cena shoves him away. John crawls for the tag, but Orton makes it to Bray first, who cuts off Cena and has words with Luke. “The Viper” is back in and powerslams John, but the WWE World Champion soon fires up. He hits a couple of shoulder-tackles and signals for the Five-Knuckle-Shuffle Fistdrop, but is stopped.

Harper is in but Bray cut shim off before he gets to Randy; Harper moves by anyway and then goes for Sister Abigail on Bray! Orton breaks it, but is booted. Bray now goes for Sister Abigail on Luke, but Cena stops it and goes for the A.A. on Wyatt; Orton breaks that and then R.K.O.’s Cena! He covers to receive the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The Wyatt Family

Later tonight, Naomi and Becky Lynch will team up to face Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James!


Match #2: Single – Delilah Dawson VS. Carmella (with James Ellsworth)

Delilah tries a bit, but is tripped up by James. Carmella takes advantage with her submission, forcing Dawson to give-in!

Winner via Submission: Carmella (with James Ellsworth)

Kalisto makes his entrance for action, next!


Match #3: Single – Kalisto VS. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph gets the W quickly after a superkick!

Winner via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Post-match, Dolph continues to attack Kalisto until Apollo Crews runs out to make the save. Ziggler high-tails it through the crowd.

Backstage Promo

Dasha interviews Becky Lynch and Naomi about their rivals. Becky says that she is not surprised about Mickie’s attack; Naomi brags about pinning Alexa in the Royal Rumble pre-show.


Match #4: Tag-Team – Naomi and Becky Lynch VS. Mickie James and Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

Becky and Mickie begin, but James tags out after Lynch jaws at her. Bliss and Becky circle, and then Lynch slams her down a couple of times by her waist. Becky tags in Naomi, who leaps over with a sunset-flip for two! She runs for a crossbody, but Alexa moves and Naomi literately hits the ropes! Bliss pounds away with punches and then tags Mickie. Both work over Naomi for a while.


Bliss is still in control of Becky as is Mickie, who hurricanranas Lynch out of the corner. 1 – 2 – Becky lifts her shoulder! James stretches Lynch, but Becky gets out of the hold with punches. She eventually makes the hot-tag to Naomi, who springboard-crossbodies into Alexa! She uses some high-flying tactics and puts her away after a split-legged moonsault!

Winners via Pinfall: Naomi and Becky Lynch

Backstage Promo

Dasha asks Tag-Team Champions American Alpha what is next for them, since they have been tag team Champions for over a month. Chad Gable basically issues an open challenge for any team to meet them, next!


Match #5: Tag-Team for the Tag-Team Championship – American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) (Champions) VS. ???

The team to respond are … The Usos. However, The Ascension, The Vaudevillians, Breezango, and Rhyno and Heath Slater all march out. Everyone engages in a bi brawl!


The brawl is still going on with referees trying to break it. The last teams to face-off are Alpha and Heath and Rhyno!

Video Promo

A replay of Natalya attacking Nikki Bella outside the arena, and then fighting with her backstage from last week’s Smackdown! is shown.

Office Promo

Daniel Bryan is talking to Brie Bella on the phone about Nikki and Natalya’s rivalry. The two women enter and argue, and then Daniel yells at them to stop. He books them to wrestle at Elimination Chamber.

Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, and then A.J. Styles, make their entrances; they will be wrestling next!


Match #6: Single – Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose VS. A.J. Styles

(Note: The Miz, with Maryse, is on commentary.) they lockup and trade waistlocks, and then Ambrose front-facelocks A.J. to the canvas. They trade hammerlocks, and Dean hits Styles with a shoulder-block. He hits a couple of armdrags and then a side headlock take-down to start to wear A.J.

Ambrose staves off a kick and turns Styles into a Texas Cloverleaf, and then a Rings of Saturn submission. Styles gets out of it and rolls to the outside, where he kicks Dean hard and clams him on the commentator’s table. They get back in the ring, where A.J. kicks and knees Ambrose, and then runs him into the ring post. Dean gets some momentum, and is able to clothesline A.J. to the floor. Baron Corbin’s music plays and the “Lone Wolf” marches out.


Corbin is now on commentary too. In the ring, A.J. has control over Ambrose. “The Phenomenal One” misses a splash but gets out of a Dirty Deeds attempt; he hits a few quick strikes, but is taken to the mat again. Dean dumps A.J. to the outside and goes for Tope Suicida, but Styles stops him with a forearm! They go-back-and-forth in the ring, with numerous near-falls!

Ambrose dives off of the top turnbuckle onto A.J. with an elbow to the outside! Baron and Miz attack each other, and then it breaks down with Ambrose taking them out. He gets back in the ring but is planted with the Styles Clash! A.J. covers for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: A.J. Styles

Post-match, Miz takes out Dean, and then Baron dumps Miz to the floor. He also slams Ambrose with End of Days and then stares at A.J., who is on the ramp, to close the show.

End of Smackdown!


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