Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan to appear on Raw


Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan will be appearing on Monday Night Raw in two days on an invite from Raw General Manager Mick Foley.

While WWE is trying to keep both brands completely separate, it didn’t take long for them to have Superstars appear on the opposing brands. Randy Orton attacked Brock Lesnar on Raw with an RKO and Lesnar returned the favor with an F5 on Smackdown the next day. Now the Smackdown GM will be appearing on Raw probably to continue this whole Lesnar/Orton storyline.

When the Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton match was announced for SummerSlam, the Draft wasn’t held yet although it’s safe to assume that WWE had an idea who is going to which brand by that time. After SummerSlam, specific-brand pay-per-views will kick off with Backlash for the Smackdown brand in September.