Shane McMahon takes brutal mid-air spear, Orton reassures Shane’s kids at ringside


Shane McMahon seemed to have been momentarily knocked out after getting speared in mid-air by Roman Reigns in last night’s “holy shit” spot of the night.

McMahon went to hit his coast-to-coast dropkick on Reigns but as he was flying across the ring, Reigns stood up and hit a vicious spear. Shane hit the mat hard and then kicked out of the pinfall when he shouldn’t have as that was his elimination spot. Eventually he was taken out and was declared unable to continue.

Shane’s family, including his sons, were at ringside to watch their father wrestle and it was not a pretty sight for the kids. Randy Orton went over to Shane’s sons and talked to them as the situation in the ring was being cleared. “I’m a father. I know what it’s like to have your kids ringside when shit goes sideways,” Orton wrote on Twitter after someone pointed out his gesture.

You can see the video of the spear below.